Sr.no Author/s Title of the Paper
1 Varsha Gupta Health Insurance and Health Care Demand in India: A study in the context of UHC
2 Dr. Narendra Pal Singh Development Policy, Operational Status and Scheduled Caste Women: A Reflation from field
3 Dr. R. Hariharan Health Status of Knit-Wear Industry Migrant Workers in Tiruppur City Corporation of Tamilnadu
4 Dr.K.Tamilselvi Adverse effects of Masturbation behaviour of the Adolescent girls in Chennai,  Tamil Nadu
5 Vazida Ansari,Dr.Suryakant Yadav Nutritional Intake and Food Security in India
7 Deepanjali Vishwakarma Economic existence of women’s and violence in India: Evidence from key findings of National Family Health Survey fourth round
8 Angad Singh,Prof. S. K. Singh Covariates of HIV/AIDS prevalence among migrants and non-migrants in India.
9  Monirujjaman Biswas Gender Inequalities on Breastfeeding Practices in India
10 Rabiul Ansary Emerging pattern of new migration streams in India in the context of migration-development 
11 P.Sowjanya Samuel, Dr.Saraswati Raju Iyer Women's Right t Reproductive Health and Gender Empowerment
12 Sunanda Mishra An impact analysis of public health expenditure in Uttar Pradesh.
13 Vaithilingam Manjamuthu Viruthambal,Kamaraj Mooppan Gender Differentials among Population Characteristics in Rural Tamil Nadu: A Study with Reference to Villages under Nallur Panchayat Union, Cuddalore District
14 Dipak Kumar Das,Dr. Murali Dhar,Prakash Kumar Sullage disposal pattern in the community and its association with the prevalence of related diseases in India
15 Pitchaimani Govindharaj,Sampath Kumar Srinivasan Quality of Life of person affected with leprosy in Endemic District of West Bengal, India.
16 R.Hema Lakshmi Elderly Abuse in Rural Communities
17 Ramya R,Dr. Anil Chandran S Health Insurance Coverage in India: Differentials and Determinants
18 Ram Pratap Singh The Press and Rural Issues: Opportunities and Challenges in India
19 Murugesan P Reproductive Health Problems Among Rural Women In Sirkazhi Taluk, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu
20 Rajeev Kumar Violence against women: A major challenges and public health issue in Bihar
21 Shubham Kumar Use of Smokeless Tobacco among women and its adverse pregnancy outcomes 
22 Bijayani Mishra Universal  Immunization Programme: An Analysis of the Tribal district of Koraput
23 R.Arul Selvan Social and economic determinants of overweight and obesity among college students in Chennai,Tamil nadu
24 Mr.A.Sivasakthi knowledge About Sexually Transmitted  diseases Among International students Annamalai uvniversity 
25 Shakunthala Devi Jakkula,Dr.K.Dhana Lakshmi Health Status of Dalit Women in India
26 DD Naik,Balaiah Donta Enhancing awareness of STIs and Cervical Cancer among husbands in an urban slum of Mumbai: A comparative study focusing on General, OBC and SC/ST/NT population
27 Ajeesh Sebastian,DD Naik,Prashant Tapase, Balaiah Donta,Shahina Begum Association between Domestic Violence and Reproductive Morbidities among Women in Urban Slum, Mumbai
28 K.Rajesh Kumar Emerging demographic and health challenges in Rural Development-A study of East Godavari District,A.P
29 Strong P Marbaniang,Dr. H Lhungdim Household Socioeconomic and Demographic factors in access to improved drinking water and basic sanitation facilities in Northeast India
30 Yogita Kharkwal A Comparative Study of Epidemiological Transition in NRHM focused and other states in India 
31 Raju Sarkar Gender Inequality, Status and Role of Women in India
32 Shweta Sanjeevkumar,Dr. S. Y. Swadi Menopause And Mood Swings Among Women Of Kalyan Nagar Dharwad City
33 A.Sreebhagya Lakshmi, Dr.Sherly Thomas A Micro level study on Sanitation practices of women in selected slums in Coimbatore
34 Navtez Singh Geospatial Analysis of Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Care Services in India
35 Prashant Tapase,D. D. Naik ,Balaiah Donta Differentials between SC/ST/NT, OBC and General Men about awareness of STIs and Cervical Cancer in Urban Slums of Mumbai
36 Apyayee Sil,Rakesh Behera,Praveenkumar M.P Sexual and Emotional Violence against women -A comparative study between four most densedly populated states- Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala
37 Praveenkumar M P Health care cost of Survivors and Deceased in India
38 Anitha A.,Dr. V. Raji Sugumar Impact of Seasonal Changes on Respiratory Healtha among School Going Children in Puducherry
39 Jang Bahadur Prasad,Murali Dhar Tobacco use in India and its states: Burden of smoking and smokeless forms of tobacco (2015-25) and its predictors
40 Parvez Ahmed ,Nawaz Rasool  Trend and pattern of water and sanitation facilities and its linkages with health in India
41 Tekchan Saini Primary Health Care Facilities and Treatment Behaviour for Morbidities in Rural Rajasthan 
42 Sumit Kumar Economic and Social determinants of Gender violence:A theoretical explanation.
43 Dr. P S Sasdhar,Kumara Naik Empirical Analysis of Infant Mortality Rates across Hyderabad Karnataka Region
44 Sujita Sethi,Sanghamitra Palai Impact of National Rural Health Mission on the Health status of Odisha
45 Abhijit Bansode Nutritional Status of Tribal Children in Nandurbar District of Maharashtra
46 D.Savita ,V. Raji Sugumar Correlation Of Outdoor Games And Lung Function Of School Going Children
47 Arish Qamar Dynamics of School Drop-out among school going children in Uttar Pradesh
48 Madhumita Bango,Gyan Chandra Kashyap Fewer Females in Greater Labour Force: Changing Scenario of Non-Working Women in India
49 Sayani Das Burden of Anaemia and Its Sociodemographic Factors among the Elderly Women in Rural India
50 Mridul Mishra Slum Dwellers of Varanasi Needs, Problems and Development Strategies
51 Harinam Singh Eradicating Chronic Poverty In Rural India Under Anti Poverty Programmes - Some Observations 
52 Maya Raveendran Self Esteem & Women Empowerment
53 Gyan Chandra Kashyap,Madhumita Bango Environmental Exposure and Health Problems among Male Leather Tannery Workers: A Study of Kanpur City, India
54 Vithyanandhan S Burden of Caring Mentally Retarded Children
55 Krishn Chandra Tripathi The Rural India and Vacuity of Basic Needs 
56 Saddaf Naaz Akhtar Gender Differential in Childhood Mortality: Rural India
57 Mr.Strong P Marbaniang,Dr. H Lhungdim Household Socioeconomic and Demographic factors in access to improved drinking water and basic sanitation facilities in Northeast India
58 Mr. Arvind Jadhav,Dr. Dipti Govil Childbearing motives and pattern among ever experienced childlessness women of tribal communities in Palghar, Maharashtra
59 Dipika Takri Hypertension and its Relation to Epidemiological Transition of the Age of 15 Years and above among the Population of Koraput District of Odisha
60 Mani Deep Govindu,Dr.Yujwal Raj,, The Epidemiology of Sleep Quality associated with socio-demographic and Lifestyle characteristics of University Students
61 Jitendra Gupta Does Women as Agency Reduces Violence in Intimate Relationships
62 Baldev Singh Kulaste,Dr. Dipti Govil Out of Pocket Expenditure and Source of Funding for Maternal and Neonatal Health Care in Dindori District, Madhya Pradesh
63 Anshul Kastor Role of Elders in Household Decision Making in India: Are Widows Deprived more?
64 V. Arun,Dr.Kh.Bimolata Devi   Study on Knowledge and Attitudes towards Sexuality and Sexual Behavior among Students of Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.
65 Gnanaprasuna Garu Reproductive and Child Health Issues
66 Mr. Prashant Bhosale Maternal health care services utilization among social groups in Maharashtra
67 Md Illias Kanchan Sk,Prof. Balram Paswan,Prof. Tapan Kumar Naskar Hypertensive disorders as a leading cause of maternal deaths: Evidence from the major referral health care center of Eastern India. 
68 Vishwanath Khot,Girijadevi N Patil,Arshan Kashanatti Present Scenario of Health Infrastructure in Karnataka
69 Apoorva Nambiar,Kh. Jitenkumar Singh A Spatial Analysis of Caesarean birth in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
70 Kordorlin Nongkseh,Pitabasa Sahoo Women in Matrilineal society and Domestic Violence
71 Dr.Vishal Tikhute,Dr.Mithun Kherde,Dr.Suhas Kadam, Health Policies in India – Since Independence till NHP 2017.
72 Ajit Kumar Jaiswal,Manoj Alagarajan The Impact of Maternal Health Care Utilization on Probability of Child Survival in India
73 Tadapatri Masthanaiah,A. Krishna Kumari Unskilled workforce from Andhra Pradesh and their Knowledge about STD and HIV/AIDS 
74 Indranil Sarkar,Asok Kumar Sarkar Infant Mortality in West Bengal: A Situational Analysis
75 Narendra Kumar,K C Das Diabetes and Hypertension among elderly in India
76 Parshuram Kale,Milind Bhambre,Kisan Algur Declining Child Sex Ratio among SC & ST: A Regional Variation of Maharashtra Evidence from Census 1991-2011    
77 Istikhar Ali Gender Inequality in Health Status among Muslims: An Indian Study of the Determinant of Health
78 Rahul Mishra A review inside untold narratives
79 Prakash Kumar,Usha Ram Socio-Economic Differential in Antibiotic Use for Short Term Morbidity in India 
80 Manisha Awasthi, Shambhavi Mishra  A study exploring risk factors associated with lifestyle diseases in  Uttar Pradesh
81  Prasanna Kumar Mudi The Disability Problem in selected states of India
82 Harchand Ram Gender Differential in Work Participation in India and Selected States: An Analysis from NSS Survey
83 Ranjan Karmakar,Pintu Paul,Dhirendra Kumar Tyagee Status of Health and Access to Health Care Services Among the North Eastern states of India
84 Menka Kumari Socio-Economic Determinants and Risk Factors in Non-Communicable Diseases in India
85 Sudan P S J Energy Usage for Cooking in Rural Areas and Its Impact on Women Health Special Reference to Kaniyakumari District
86 Nalini Singh Relationship and Determinants of Maternal Mortality, Antenatal Care and Institutional Delivery in India
87 Ramakant Tiwari Level, Trends and Determinants of Marriage Timing of Female in India