Sr.no Author Title of the Paper
1 Md Juel Rana Does Planning of Births Affect Childhood Undernutrition? Evidence from Demographic Health Surveys of Select South Asian Countries
2 Anusha. V Ambivalent Sexism and Perception of Gendered Comic Material in Emerging Adults
3 Mohammad Zahid Siddiqui Child Health Inequalities in India: Measuring Progress towards equity
4 Basant Kumar Panda Progress and Prospects of Health ralated SDGs in India.
5 Rishabh Gupta Does Consumption of IFA improve Neonatal survival in India?
6 Dinesh Chaurasiya Age, Period and Cohort Effects on NCDs in India
7 Rajani Padal Panchayati Raj and Health Care Services in Koraput District of Odisha:  Issues and Challenges
8 Swati Srivastava Comparing Relative Effect of Human Resource and Economic Resources on Infant Mortality in India: A Multilevel Analysis
9 P.Meenakshi Kalyani Falling Child Sex Ratio in Odisha: Issues and Trends
10 Ankita Bhattacharya Nutritional Assessment: A Comparison
11 Minakshi Vishwakarma Marriage Squeeze In India: The Role Of Skewed Sex Ratio
12 Ankita Srivastava Factors affecting non-use of family planning services in India
13 Ankit Sikarwar Development of rural peripheries around the Indian cities and its linkages to the environment and migration
14 Ashish Kumar Upadhyay Consequences of Household Environmental Migration during Early Childhood on Development of Children at Latter Age: A Longitudinal Data Analysis from India
15 Sajad Ahmad Mir Groundwater Quality Assessment and its Impact on Human  Health  in North Kashmir using AHP model
16 A.H.Sruthi Anilkumar Inequalities in Adult Health Outcomes in India: The role of social capital
17 Dalibandhu Pukkalla Occupational risks among the Fisherfolk of Visakhapatnam District in North-Coastal Andhra Pradesh
18 Ratna Patel Gender Differential In Health Care Utilisation
19 Shekhar Chauhan Gender Differential In Risk Behaviour And Health Seeking Behaviour
20 Kodali Prakash Babu Volunteerism In Health: Empowerment Or Exploitation?
21 Samarul Islam Effect of household living environment on health in India: An evidence from large scale survey- NFHS-4 
22 Kanchan Negi A study on the involvement of sterilization in diminishing girl child
23 Abhishek Saraswat A qualitative study examining psychosocial distress and coping mechanisms among orphan and vulnerable children living in institutional care in New Delhi, India
24 Syeeda Nousheen Fatima Patterns and Determinants of Access to Healthcare among Women in Kashmir.
25 Naresh Babu Kunche Improving MCH (Mother and Child Health) in conflict affected area, Sukma District of Chhattisgarh
26 Pradeep Kumar Gupta Physical and Mental health challenges in rural children with drug abuse
27 Gudakesh Transition in Childhood Malnutrition in Rural India:  Evidence from Various Cross-sectional Surveys conducted during 1998 to 2013
28 Mohammad Hifz Ur Rahman Effect of Disability on Social Cohesion and its Pathways among Older Adults in Low and Middle-Income Countries
29 Sushrima Gan Food Security : The Challenge of Feeding the Landless Women
30 Rojin Jeba E A study on Violence against Women with special reference to Domestic Violence in Kanyakumari District of Tamilnadu
31 Jyoti Bania Understanding Masculinity for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development   
32 Himanshu Chaurasia  Gender differences in estimation of life expectancy and diabetes-free life expectancy among older adults in India: Evidence from large scale survey data