Sr.No Title Authors
1 Factors Influencing Maternal Health Indicators Among Tribal Population In Maharashtra With Special Focus On Five High Priority Districts Ajeesh Sebastian, Dr. Shahina Begum
2 Missing Girls In India And Major States Ajit Yadav,Priyanka Yadav,Prof.T.V. Sekher
3 Correlating Health And Environment: Urban Scenario Ambika Dutta,Debasish Gupta
4 Open Defecation And Health In Rural India: A Case Of Gujarat Amrita Ghatak
5 Sustainable Social Development  Through  Participation In Governance  - A Special Reference To  Women Representatives Of  Grama  Panchayats In Kerala Amrutha Kpn
6 Clinical Profile Of Attempted Suicide In Elderly Dr.Anand P Ambali
7 Social And Economic Determinants Of Demand For Mental Health Anil Vartak,Prof. R.Nagarajan
8 Do The Inter-State Migrants Count? A Review Of Initiatives By State And Civil Society Organizations In India Anns Issac
9 Gender Differences In Smokeless Tobacco Use In India And Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis Using Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2009-10 Anupam Bandyopadhyay
10 How Healthy We Are? Narratives Of Experiencial Health From A Village Of Western Nepal Bamdev Subedi
11 Indigenous Medicine & Methodology In The Management Of Diabetes Mellitus Dr.Brijesh P. Singh, Dr.O. P. Singh
12 Reproductive Health Of Women : A Case Study Of Tea Garden Communities Of Margherita A Tea Town Of Assam Dr.Chura Giri
13 Marital Communication And Partner Violence In Slum Community Of Mumbai D.D.Naik, Dr.Shahina Begum,Dr.Balaiah Donta
14 Does Continuum Of Care For Maternal Health Service Utilization Matters In Contraceptive Use In Uttar Pradesh Dr.Diwakar Yadav,Chander Shekhar,R. J. Yadav
15 Family Care & Psychological Wellbeing Of Older Care Recipients Dolly Kumari, Prof. Hemkhothang Lhungdim
16 Socio-Economic And Demographic Determinants Influencing Women Empowerment And Its Influence On Partner Violence In A Slum Community Of Mumbai Dr.Donta Balaiah
17 Pathways To Care In Tuberculosis - Health Seeking Behaviour In Urban Slums Of Delhi, India Dr Aruna Bhattacharya Chakravarty
18 Hidden Crisis In Health Infrastructure: Evidence From Karnataka Dr Ganesh L
19 Prevalence And Correlates Of Maternal Anemia In India: Analysis Of A Nationally Representative Cross-Sectional Survey, 2012-13 Dr Jeetendra Yadav
20 Management And Implementation Of Mukhyamantrinishulkdavayojna(Mmndy) In A District Hospital, Rajasthan:Perspectives, Issues And Challenges Dr Mukesh Vashistha,Dr V K Tiwari,Mr Sherin Raj
21 Population Ageing: It’s Time To Be Serious About Long-Term Care Of Seniors! Dr Nidhi Gupta
22 Traditional Medicine And Contemporary Debates Rohini Ruhil
23 Health Expenditure And Health Insurance-  An Econometric Analysis Dr. A. Duraisamy,S. Stephy Christina
24 Why Space Matters In Explaining Women's Status In Meghalaya? Dr. Bhola Nath Ghosh
25 The Health Issues Of Elderly Women In Two Tribal Villages Of Assam Dr. Bikash Deka
26 Mental Health Of The Women Relating To Harassment At Work Place Dr. Eteesradha Tripathy
27 Determinants Of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) In Bihar- Experiences From District Level Swasth Survey (DLSS 2015-16) Dr. Jayanta Kumar Basu
28 Social Identity As Determinants To Access Maternal Health Services In Uttar Pradesh, India Dr. Lakhan Singh
29 A Statistical Analysis Of Trends In Mortality From Major Infectious Diseases Of Global Burden, 1990-2013 Dr. M. N. Megeri,Shri. H.H. Budihal,Shri. Manoj Kumar G
30 Role Of Community Leaders In Addressing Unmet Need For Family Planning In Rural Coastal Odisha Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra
31 Functional Disability Status Among The Elderly Persons And Its Predictors In Kerala And Maharashtra States: An Analysis Of BKPAI, 2011 Data Prof. N. Audinarayana
32 Health Management Inforamtion System In Madhya Pradesh: Issues And Challenges Dr. Nikhilesh Parchure
33 Traditional Practices And Newborn Care: A Study In The Rural Areas Of Balangir District, Odisha Dr. Niranjan Rout
34 A Brief Analysis On The Childhood Immunization In The State Of Nagaland Dr. Ponnamabala Thiagarajan
35 Tribal Elderly Women And Their Health – A Sociological Study (with Special Reference To Nandurbar And Jalgaon Districts) Dr. Prashant Vishnu Sonwane
36 Utilisation Of RH & FP Services In Bihar With Special Reference To Rajgir Block Of Nalanda District” Dr. Rabindra Nath Ojha
37 Knowledge And Practice Of Hygiene Among Young Mothers In Caring Young Children: Evidences From Rural Setting Dr. Rajarama K E T
38 Migration And Development In Raigad District, Maharashtra: An Analysis From Indian Census Data Dr. Rajendra O. Parmar, Dr. M. V. Vaithilingam
39 Mental Health Of Women In Rural India: Issues And Challenges Dr. Reena Basu
40 Socio-Cultural Dynamics Of Maternal And Child Health In Urban Slum In Delhi Dr. Sangita Mishra,Dr. T.Bir
41 Knowledge Management & Public Health Of The 21st Century : A Perspective Dr. Srimati Nayak
42 Understanding Masculinities To Improve Male Involvement In Women's Reproductive Health Dr. Surbhi Shrivastava
43 ICDS And Its Success In Assam: A Case Study Based On Dibrugarh And Tinsukia Districts Of Assam. Dr. Upasona Sarmah
44 Psychological Aspects Of Healthy Ageing In India: A Literature Review Dr. Vasundhara Padmanabhan,Dr. M. V. Vaithilingam
45 Application Of Multiple Correspondence Analysis To Identify The Risk Factors Of Partner Violence In Bihar And Chhattisgarh Prof.C.P.Prakasam
46 Strategies To Improve The Performance Of Female Health Workers: A Cross-Sectional Survey Dr.Anitha C Rao, Dr. Rajendra K
47 Diabetes And Its Control:Role Of Diet And Exercise Dr.K.Vijayanthimala, Dr.CH.Suribabu
48 Popularising Indigenous Systems Of Medicine Dr.Rajaratnam Abel
49 Designing A Controlled Ventilaton Onion Storage Structure And Creating Awareness Among The Selected Beneficiaries In Erode District Dr.S.Anuradha
50 Differently Abled: Existing Status And Future Strategies Dr.Sabitha Chandran
51 Cultural And Environmental Dimension Of Indigenous Health Care System Among The Karbis’ Of Karbi Anglong, Assam Dr.Somenath Bhattacharjee
52 Are Matrimonial Websites Altering The Marriage Norms? A Demographic Nuptial Exploration Of Two States With Different Levels Of Sex Ratios. Enu Anand
53 A Retrospective Study On Trends And Facts Of Leprosy Prevalence In Purulia District, West Bengal G. Pitchaimani,Dr.S. Sampath Kumar
54 Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Demographic Behavior In India Gandharva Pednekar,Rajeshwari Biradar
55 Migrants And Right To Health Helga Thomas,Lakshmana G
56 A Study On HIV/TB Co-Infection Mortality In India: A Probability Distribution Approach Huchesh Budihal,Dr. M.N.Megeri
57 Identity and Health : A Study of Transgenders in East Delhi Simeen Kaleem
58 Experiences Of Neonatal Deaths Among The Urban Poor Migrants In Metropolitan Delhi: Poor Commination, Poor Quality, And An Overwhelmed System Jaynata Kumar  Bora,Dr.Murali Dhar
59 Overview Of Infertility With Perception Of Gender Relations In Society; A Case Study Of Delhi. Jyoti Saini,Dr.Ruby Alambusha Singh
60 Demographic Dividends And Socioeconomic Characteristics Of Youth In India Prof.K N M Raju
61 Trend, Pattern And Inter-State Variation In Health Expenditure In India Kabita Kumari Sahu
62 Training Management Information System (TMIS) In Public Health Training Dr.Kalapatapu Ravikiran Sharma,Prof. Shankar Das
63 Health Problems And Health Seeking Behaviour Of Women Vendor In Moreh Town, Indo-Myanmar Border Khullak Meson Maring
64 Women’s Experience Of Ethnic Conflict: A Study Among Bengali Muslim Women Of Chirang District, Assam Kuheli Das
65 Financial Feasibility Of Universal Health Insurance In India Lalitagouri Kulkarni,Manu Jain
66 Declining Child Sex Ratio In Maharashtra - A Tehsil Level Analysis Madhuri Thombre,Prof.R Nagarajan
67 Nutritional Status, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice And Depression Among Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) And Imparting Lifestyle Modification Malarvizhi Ravi,Angilique.A
68 Contribution Of Music Therapy To Improve The Mental And Social Health Manas Bhul
69 A Study On Adolescents Friendly Health Clinics In South Goa District Manjula G.H,H.R.Channakki
70 Burden Of Water Related Morbidity In The Slums Of Mumbai Mayank Prakash
71 Lack Of Employment, Social Network And Mental Health Among Older Adults In Two Most Populous Asian Countries: An Assessment On Sage Household Survey Meena Kumari, Mukesh Ravi Raushan
72 Missed Opportunities By The Programmes For Tackling Malnutrition Among Children Below Three Years Of Age Ashwini Devane-Padalkar,Vinod Shende, Deepali Yakkundi
73 Living Arrangement And The Differential In Health Expenditure Of The Elderly In India : An Analysis Mukesh C. Parmar
74 Reproductive Morbidity, Partner’s Human Capital And Health Care Utilization Among Adolescents And Rural Mothers In India Mukesh Ravi Raushan,Prof. H Lhungdim
75 Health Information System In India: Past, Present And Future Dr.Murali Dhar
76 Gender Difference In Health-Care Expenditure: Evidence From India Human Development Survey Dr.Nandita Saikia,Moradhvaj, Jayanta Kumar Bora
77 Effect Of Women Autonomy On Maternal Care Among Muslims: A Cross Countries Comparative Study In India,Bangladesh And Indonesia Navaid Ali Khan,Priya Sharma
78 Social Determinants Of Maternal Health Care Services Utilization In Maharashtra Pandurang Sontakke
79 Maternal Health Programmes In India: A Study Of Women And Health Dr.Pazhani Murugesan
80 Inequity And  Accessibility In Health Facilities: Services And Illness In The Urban Villages Of The City Pragya Tiwari Gupta
81 Violence Against Women And Health Implications With Reference To Acid Attack Victims Preeti Misra,Preeti Bhaskar
82 A Study Of Talent Management Strategies On Human Resource For Health Of Selected Private Hospital In NCT Of Delhi Priya Sinha,Dr.Sigamani P
83 Economic Burden Of Maternal Health Care In Empowered Action Group (EAG States) Of India Priyanka Yadav,Ajit  Yadav,Bikramaditya Choudhury
84 Worsening Of Sex Ratio In Uttar Pradesh: An Inter-District Analysis Prof M.K. Agarwal
85 Gender Inequality In Opportunities Related To Education, Employment And Nutrition In India Prof. Dhanashri J Mahajan
86 Women, Work And Health Problems Prof. Talwar Sabanna
87 Janani Surkhsha Yojana And Maternal And Child Health Performance And Challenges Prof.K.Gangadharan
88 SUHAM - Hospitals By The Poor For The Poor Rajapandian R,Dr.Rajaratnam Abel
89 Inequality In Health Services Utilisation In India: Extending The Effect Of Place Dr.Rajesh Raushan
90 Reproductive Morbidity, Human Capital Support And Underlying Factor Of Reproductive Morbidity Among Indian Women: An Econometrics Approach Rakesh R Anand,Mukesh Ravi Raushan
91 Exploring Women Knowledge On Danger Signs Of Newborn In Southern India Dr.Ramesh Chellan
92 Does Quality Of Care Matter In Increasing The Prevalence Of Contraceptive Use? Response From Bihar Ranajit Sengupta,Dr.Anjali Radkar
93 Maternal And Reproductive Health Care Status Among Scheduled Tribes In India: Some Facts From Nss 71st Round Data Rekha Gupta
94 Caregiver Burden Among Caregiver Of Hospitalized Elderly. Rishi Panday,Ushvinder Kaur Popli
95 Gender Equality And Sustainable Development: Concerns Relating To Health And Sanitation In Mumbai Rohini Fadte
96 Domestic Violence And Daily Consumption Of Food Items Among Indian Women Rohini Ghosh,Prof.Arun Kumar Sharma
97 Gender Disparities In Morbidities And Healthcare Use Among Older Adults In India: A Violation Of Human Rights. Dr.Ruby Alambusha Singh
98 Understanding Of Psychosocial Disabilities And Stigma In Leprosy S. Sampath Kumar,G. Pitchaimani
99 Responsiveness Of Health Outcomes To Health Infrastructure: Evidence From Tamil Nadu And Bihar Dr.Sandhya Mahapatro,Yadawendra  Singh,
100 Health Profile Of Select Women In Unorganised Sector Dr.Sherly Thomas
101 Lessons For Reform In Training Of Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) Shilpa Karvande,Dr.Nerges Mistry
102 Gender Inequality And Socio-Economic Differentiation In Knowledge Of Sexual And Reproductive Health Matters Among Youth In India Somdutta Barua,Rayhan Sk
103 A Comparative Study Of Health  Spending  In South Asia Sudhakar Patra
104 Occupational Health Hazards Of Mining Workers: A Study In Chirimiri South Eastern Coal Fields Ltd.(SECL)  Of   “KOREA” District, Chhattisgarh Sujita Sethi,Dr. Srimati Nayak
105 Employment, Education And Perspective For Make In India Dr.Suryakant Yadav,Vazida Ansari
106 Personal Income And Gender Dynamics : An Analysis Among Indian Elderly Dr.T.S.Syamala
107 Trends Of Aging In Bangladesh: Comparison Between Conventional Measure And Kii Measure Dr.Tapan Kumar Roy
108 Job Satisfaction Among Doctors: An Empirical Analysis Tulsee Giri Goswami
109 Health Service Provisioning And Delivery In Conflict Situations : An Analysis Of Manipur, India Veda Yumnam
110 Geographical Variation in the Use of Maternal Health Care Services in Maharashtra: Evidence from District Level Household Survey-4 (2012-13) Kh. Jitenkumar Singh
111 An Introduction of Neuroeconomic Models and their linkages with Genoeconomics at Micro and macro Economic Decision Making System Dr.Mutyala Prakash
112 Trends and Issues in Health Expenditure in Maharashtra Dr.Syeda Rukhsana Tabassum
113 Aspects of Students Health in Ashram Schools: A Case Study of Nandurbar and Dhadgaon Blocks in Maharashtra Abhilash T, Rajesh Dinkar Danane 
114 Prevalence of Health Related Disability and Co-morbidity among Urban Elderly: A Study of Pune City Sharvari Shukla,Prof.R. Nagarajan
115 A Study on Mental Health among Rural Women Lakshmana G,Simi Paul
116 Old Age Security in Kerala :Evidence from Living Arrangement of Elderly Prof.P Mohanachandran Nair,Dr.Anjana A
117 Sociodemographic Profiling of Non-Communicable Disease in India Dr.Anil Chandran S
118 Aged Parents :Health and Social Status :A Sociological Study in Gulbarga City Jaikishan Thakur
119 A Gender Based Study on Burns as a Public Health Issue among Women in Bangalore Adithya Pradyumna,K Sathya, Donna Fernandes, Sarojamma
120 An Analysis of the Policies and Programmes for Health Development in India Dr.L.N.Dash
121 Menstrual Hygiene and Practice among Adolscents Girls in Raichur District of Karnataka State  Prakash Malin,Dr.Jayashree S
122 Does region matters for Domestic Violence against Women in India Dr.Abdul Gaffar Khan,Dr.Sateesh Gouda M,Dr.Surendra K
123 Corporate Social Responsibility :Opportunities and Challenges for Health System in India Dr.Sateesh Gouda M,Dr. Abdul Gaffar Khan,Dr.Manikamma S
124 Performance of Health Care Expenditure in India-With Special reference to Southern States A.Annadurai
125 Gender Equality and Sustainable Development Sadhna Mathad,Dr. S.N. Megari
126 Traditional Health Care Providers Role Among Rural Arundhathiyars of Puducherry District: An Anthropological Study Dr.V.Pragati
127 Initiation of Breastfeeding Practices in Maharashtra:Evidence from District Level Household Survey- 4 (2012-13) Dr.Uttam J.Sonkamble, Kh. Jitenkumar Singh
128 Socioeconomic Behavioural Problems of the Elderly and Related health Hazards in Rural Northern India Shruti,J. Pandey,Prof. K.N.S. Yadava
129 Seasonal Migration and Substance Abuse among the Youths In India Dr.Pralip Kumar Narzary,Prof. Laishram Ladusingh,Moatula Ao
130 Profile of Cancer Case-A Hospital Based Retrospective Study Vasanta Chendaki
131 Mental And Social Health Of Fisherman Community In West Bengal Dr. Sanjoy Roy
132 Accessibility and Uses of Reproductive Health Services: An Analysis of Tribals in Odisha Bijayani Mishra
133 Treatment Seeking Behaviour Of Costal Fisher  Folk Women For Reproductive Health  Problems In Tamil Nadu Dr.C.Ramanujam
134 Epidemiological Transition in Urban Bihar: An Analysis of MCCD Data Dr.B.K.Gulati,Prof.Arvind Pandey
135 Magnitude of Kala Azar in Bihar: A case from Madhepura District Dr.Dipti Govil,Dr.Sarang Pedgaonkar, Dr.Harihar Sahoo, Prof.K.C. Das
136 Enhancing equity and efficiency of Indian health system: Reviewing some perennial questions? Dr.Godwin S.K
137 Impact of an educational intervention on the healthy eating habits of adolescents Dr.Sithara Balan V