Sr.no Title Authors
1 Development of Indigenous health systems and chronic diseases in the metropolitan, Chennai Partheeban R
2 Domestic Violence And Health Correlates Among Women In Coimbatore Malarvizhi .V, Dr. Geetha .K.T ,Dr. Jayachitra T. A. 
3 Social Dimensions of Coping with Type II Diabetes: Study of Select villages  in Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu D Arutselvi
4 Association of postnatal care with neonatal mortality in India: Evidences from DLHS-4 data Jai Kishun
5 Health Care Need for the Migrant Labourers: The Missed Approach Kumud Teresa Sawansi
6 Gender Disparity in Health Care Financing Strategies for Hospitalization in India Moradhvaj,Dr. Nandita Saikia
7 Tobacco Use among Males and Females in Maharashtra, India:  Evidence from District Level Household Survey-4(2012-13) Neeru Singh, Kh Jitenkumar Singh
8 Comparison of Knowledge, Attitude, Practices about stroke among the Different Age Group of Mountainous Area of Ladakh Sakshi Sharma, Dr.M.V.Padma Srivatava
9 Socioeconomic Inequalities in Smoking Initiation, Intensity, Quit Attempts And Successful Abstinence In India Sudheer Kumar Shukla , Dr.Sumit Mazumdar
10 Menarche to Menopause: Exploring the Journey of the Women of Rural Assam, North-East India Shilpi Sikha Das
11 Menstrual Hygiene and Practice among Adolescent Girls in Rural Raichur District of Karnataka Jayashree S, Prakash Malin
12 Diarrheal Diseases in India: A Statistical Prospective Manoj Kumar G , Dr. M.N.Megeri
13 Geographical differentials of self-reported morbidity in Kerala Rajeev.V, Prof. P. Mohanachandran Nair,Dr. Asha T Chako
14 Health Status Of Knit-Wear Industry Migrant Workers In  Tiruppur City Corporation Of Tamil Nadu R. Hariharan
15 Epidemiological hazards of tobacco and its manifestations in oral health of a screened population in Northern India Ashish Awasthi, Santanu Chaudhury,Somnath Dey
16 Changing Urban Environment and Its Impact on Health of Youth People: A Literature Review Kamu Masand, Dr. M. V. Vaithilingam
17 Linkages between Energy Poverty, Development and Health Inequalities in India Kaveri Patil
18 Pattern of nutrient intake and its effect on anemia and menstrual status of women in India Adrita Banerjee,Prof. Sayeed Unisa
19 Impact of out-migration on utilization of maternal health care services: An analysis of propensity score matching Amit Kumar
20 Pattern of Residential segregation In India and its linkages with adult mortality: A district level analysis. Ankita Shukla,Dr. Abhishek Singh
21 Does Epidemiology of Age-pattern of Outpatient Rate Changing in India? An Exploration from National Sample Survey Anshul Kastor
22 Economic Burden Of Diabetic Patients In India: A Review Bansode Balasaheb, Prof.R. Nagarajan
23 Solid Fuel Use and Child Health in India Debolina Dey
24 Determinants Of Pregnancy Outcome Among Economically Active And Non-Active Women Dolly Kumari, Prof. Hemkhothang Lhungdim
25 Increasing Caesarean Births in the United States: Literature Reviews on Reasons, Implications and Recommendations  Dr.M. V. Vaithilingam
26 How maternal well-being and child temperament defining nutritional status of children Garima Duta
27 Low-back Trouble and its associated Factors among Male Tannery Workers of Kanpur Gyan Chandra Kashyap
28 Understanding the factors determing congnitive abilities of children in india Harish Kumar
29 Does Gender Difference Exist in Type and Place of Health Care Utilization for Short term and Long Term Morbidities? Exploration from Indian Human Development Survey-II Kumar Parimal Shrestha, Dr. Sarang Pradip kumar Pedgaonkar
30 Awareness and socio demographic determinants of maternal health care services utilization among reproductive women in North-East India. L.K.Wonthing, Prof.Laishram Ladu Singh
31 Geographical variation in prevalence of Non communicable diseases (NCDs) and its correlates in India: Evidence from recent NSSO Survey Mahadev Bhise
32 Situation of Water and Sanitation and Health Outcomes in India Mangesh Jagdhane
33 How vulnerable is the Indian Middle Class to Poverty due to rising Health care expenditures? Nandan Kumar, Tanusree Dutta
34 Gender Differences in Morbidity pattern of Elderly in India Poulomi Chowdhury, Mausam Kumar
35 Assessing the exposure of street sweeping and potential risk factors for developing musculoskeletal disorders and disabilities: A cross-sectional case-control study Pradeep Salve, Dr. Dhananjay Bansod
36 Study of mechanism of injury in trauma patients in India Prashant Bhandarkar
37 Study of time to reach hospital and mode of transport used by trauma patients in India Priti Patil
38 Deferential and associated factors of Low Birth Weights in selected high and low fertility states in India Priya Sharma,Navaid Ali Khan
39 Socio-economic determinents and mental status of Farmers in Maharashtra: A case study from Vidarbha region Priyanka Bomble, Prof. Hemkhothang Lhungdim
40 Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes and its Determinants: A study among Scheduled Caste Population, Karnataka Rajeshwari Biradar
41 Role and Impact of Social Capital on Health and well-being of Older Adults in India Ratna Patel,Prof. B. Paswan
42 NREGA implementation to Employment and Wage Rates in Uttar Pradesh, India Subhi Srivastava,Himanshu Chaurasia
43 Occupational exposure and Economic loss caused by the work related diseases in India Surendra Kumar Patel,Sunita Patel
44 Child Care Practices among the Tribal Population of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra Suresh Jungari,Balram Paswan
45 Parental Perceptions on Son Preference: A Qualitative Study in a Slum Community in Chennai T. Sathya, Dr. M. V. Vaithilingam
46 Uniformed side effects of modern contraceptive use in India Moatula Ao,Dr.Pralip Kumar Narzary
47 Effect Of Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) On Pulmonary Function Among School Going Children In Puducherry Anitha.A, Dr.V.Raji Sugumar
48 Nomogram Of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate Among School Going Children In Puducherry And Karaikal D. Savita, A. Anitha, Dr.V.Raji Sugumar
49 The process of preparing decentralized health plans under National Health Mission in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra: How it is being done? Is it genuinely participatory? Shweta Marathe,Deepali Yakkundi
50 The Prevalence of Mental Disability in India: An Analysis from Census of India Harchand Ram
51 Dysmenorrhea Problem of Adolescent Girls in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu Dr.K.Tamilselvi
52 Health Problems And Coping Strategies Of Aged Persons In Tamil Nadu K. Damodaran
53 Elderly Females: The Most Deprived among the Deprived –  An Examination of BKPAI, 2011 Data for Tamil Nadu and Kerala Ms. Mahalaxmi Tiwari,Prof. N. Audinarayana
54 Migrants and their Socio-economic, Health Characteristics and Quality of Life: A Study with Reference to Migrants in Tiruppur City, Tamil Nadu P. Sakthivel,Dr. R. Hariharan, Dr. M. V. Vaithilingam
55 The Mother Matters: A Gender Perspective on Factors Associated with Maternal Morbidity in Rural India Anindita Sinha
56 An Inter-State Analysis of Public Health Expenditure  and Health Development in India Ritika,Prof.M K Agarwal
57 A Conceptual Study of Women’s Empowerment and Gender-based Violence: A study of the Northern states in India Navtez Singh
58 Diagnosis of Sleep Disorder Using Short Time Frequency Analysis of PSD Applied on EEG Signals (roc-loc) channels Varsha Pandey,Alkesh Agarwal
59 Prevalence of Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices and Its Associated Factors  in Maharashtra: A Spatial and Multivariate Analysis Mani Deep Govindu,Kh. Jitenkumar Singh
60 Utilization Of Maternal Health Care Services In Northeast India Solomon Debbarma
61 Impact of Janani Suraksha Yojana and Maternal Health Scenario in Jhabua District Prajakta
62 Role of Community Leaders in Addressing Unmet Need for Family Planning in Rural Coastal Odisha Dr.Manoranjan Mohapatra
63 Vitamin D Deficiency among Obese Adolescents in Puducherry  G.Sathya,Dr.Raji Sugumar,Prof. Ramesh R
64 Trends of Water Sanitation and Hygiene programs and situation in India Dhiren Sahoo, Dr. Archana Kujur
65 The Life,Work and Health Conditions of Auto Rickshaw Drivers in Delhi: An Exploratory Study Shreya Sood
66 Exploring Determinants of STD/STI using Case Control study in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Lavika Mishra
67 Reproductive morbidity, human capital support and underlying factor of reproductive morbidity among Indian Women: An econometrics approach Rakesh R Anand,Mukesh Ravi Raushan
68 A comparative study on complications during delivery and post-delivery period using DLHS III & DLHS IV  Nisha N ,Prof. P. Mohanachandran Nair
69 A case for couple HIV testing among migrants: Evidence from integrated counselling and testing centre in Odisha Debasish Chowdhury,Sanchita Patnaik , Sunil Babu Mekale, Amitav Das, Ashok Agarwal
70 Means to provide customized HIV services to migrants: Evidence from Gujarat, India Sunil Babu Mekale,Debasish Chowdhury, Sanchita Patnaik, Ashok Agarwal
71 The Associated factors with attitude towards intimate partner violence against women Pakistan Suman Kanougiya,Dr.Harihar Sahoo 
72 Determinants of Wellbeing among Elderly in India (SCL/PRB Index) Rituparna Sengupta,Kalosona Paul,Dr.Bhaswati Das,
73 Mental Health service system in India Sangeetha,Dr. Lakshmana G
74 Epidemiology of Malaria Cases in India: A Statistical Analysis Prakash R Kengnal,Dr.Sharankumar Holyachi,Dr.Bheemayya Badesab
75 Status of disability in India: trends, prospects and disability deprivation index Manisha Dubey
76 Projections Of Burden Of Tobacco Related Cancers In India And Its States Till 2025 Jang Bahadur Prasad
77 Maternal Mortality In Nigeria Rajeev Kumar, Prof.Balram Paswan
78 Performance Evaluation Of Primary Healthcare Centres In Uttar Pradesh Sunanda Mishra
79 Contemporary health status of tribal women: A study of a transhumant Gaddis population of Himachal Pradesh Dr.Shashi Punam
80 Linkages between Health and Environment: The challenge of Profiling risks & strategic priorities of today and the future Sandeep Sharma