Sr.no Title Author
1 Regulatory Governance and Private Healthcare Facilities: Assessing Health Service Delivery in Nepal Achyut P. Adhhikari
2 Impact of Substance use on Mental Health of Youth in India: Evidences from Youth in India: Situation and Needs 2006-2007 Tushar savarkar
3 Utilisation of Post Natal Care Services (PNC) Rural Areas of Arunachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Mebo Subdivision Apilang Apum
4 Emerging Health Issues and problems among the IT professionals in Pune Abdul Jalil
5 Assessing The Well-Being Of Elderly Using Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach:A study based on SAGE survey in India Namrata Ray
6 Performance of National Rural Health Mission in the state of Maharashtra; A comparative analysis of HMIS and NFHS Jyoti Saini
7 People’s Perception of Access and Utilization of Health Care Services in Urban Slum of Mumbai Ravi A Gajbhiye
8 A study on Educational attainment and engagement in occupation of women in India Sunita Patel
9 Pregnancy-related deaths in the gynecology and obstetrics department of a tertiary health care center of West Bengal: An application of “three delays” model. Md Illias Kanchan Sk
10 People’s Confidence in Public Institutions and Social Networks: A Study based on IHDS-2 Shekhar Chauhan
11 Feminization of Ageing in India Devarupa Gupta
12 Examining the role of India’s health financing system in determining household health care expenditures: Evidence from National Sample Survey Data, 71st Round Tanusree Dutta
13 Role of Training Programme under Self Help Group in Securing Health of Rural Women Ankur Yadav
14 A Study on Prevalence and associated risk factors for tuberculosis in India Rohini Sapkal
15 Prevalence of Asthma and its associated risk factors in India: Evidences from IHDS-II(2011-12) Prakash Kumar
16 Impact of Frequency and Timing of Antenatal Care Visits on Neonatal mortality in EAG states Rishabh Gupta
17 State wise analysis of change in gender inequality towards sustainable development. Sumit Kumar
18 Demographic transition and household health spending in India SK. Karim
19 Prevalence and Determinants of Epidemiology of Anaemia among Children in Bihar, India Mili Dutta
20 Epidemiology Of Diabetes Mellitus And Their Association With Other Non-Communicable Disease Among Adults Population In India Mahesh Rajendra Shete
21 Undernutrition Status of Children Under Five Years of Age by Poverty Status of Their Households: A Cross country Analysis Binayak Kandapan
22 Violence Against Women, Its Prevalence and Health Consequences: The Case Study of Domestic Working Women of Navi Mumbai Prashika Kurlikar
23 Correlates of Caesarean Section Delivery in West Bengal - An Analysis Based on DLHS-3 Rayhan SK
24 Self-reported Prevalence of Chronic Non-communicable disease and associated determinants among older in India Himanshu
25 Quality of Life and Health seeking Behaviour of depressed person in India Ruchita B. Sakpal
26 Thinking it Through: Inequality in Care Work and Challenges to Women’s Health Hema Prakash
27 Risk and determinants of osteoporosis in older adults male of India Ashish Awasthi
28 Assessment of Cost Components of Non-Communicable Diseases using Cost-of-Illness Approach Chhavi Paul
29 The Influence Of Husbands On Contraceptive Use By Women In India: A Study Based On DLHS-4 Anita Pal
30 Linkages between Consanguinity and Survival of Marriages in Southern India Himanshu Chaurasia
31 Child’s Nutritional Status in a Household: A Study of Rural India Junaid Khan
32 Environment and its change due to various gas emission and health condition of different states in India Ayan Rudra
33 Gendered differentials in morbidity, response to illness and resilience among individuals in the context of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in Kerala Sivaja K Nair
34 Urbanization & Development in Million plus cities of Maharashtra Vandana Tamrarkar
35 The Sexual And Reproductive Health Awareness Among Unmarried Youth In India Sachin Ramesh Lokhande
36 Migrants And Their Health: A Review Of The Impact Of Migration On The Health Of Immigrants In Urban Areas Rahul Dandekar
37 Health Awareness: A Study Of Adolescent And Young Adult Literate Urban Woman Zehra Patel
38 Suffering from Violence : A Case Study of Homeless Women in Delhi City,India Mithlesh Chourase
39 Prevalence of Type II Diabetics & its Risk factors among Puducherry Population S.Vimalavalli
40 The role of household head’s education in utilization of maternal and child health care services in Bangladesh Samarul Islam