Fifth All India IASSH conference on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) & Health
7-9th April 2008


LIST OF CONTREBUTORS (for full paper please contact contributors through e-mail )
  1. Dr. Anita Dash:    Female Infanticide in India (Reflection on Orissa Situation) ,
  2. Mr. Suresh Sharma:  Child Mortality and Health in India  ,
  3. Dr. K. E. Vaidyanathan:  Engendering the MDGs issues:Indian Perspectives,
  4. Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh,Mr. Ziyauddin:  Countering HIV/AIDS in India: A Need of Time,
  5. Prof. A. K. Sharma,Ms. Rita Singh:;Positive People in Negative Milieu: Lessons from Situation Analysis in Nine Districts of East and Central India,
  6. Dr. Vijayanthimala:  HIV/AIDS and the Role of Nutrients,
  7. Dr. K. S. Gnanasekaran:  Health Sector in India: Challenges and Opportunities ,
  8. Mr. Rajarama K E T,Prof. R. K. Sinha:  Sexual Networking, Behaviour among Clients of CSW in a South Indian City: Implications for HIV/AIDS Intervention Programmes,
  9. Mr. Sarit Kumar Rout:  Assessing the impact of Health Sector Reforms: A Case of Orissa,
  10. Mr. Pradeep K. Mishra:  Infant Mortality and Malnutrition: Evidence from the NFHS,
  11. Ms. Archana Kesarwani , Mr. Ravindra Kumar Sharma: Women and HIV/AIDS in India: Problems and Challenges,
  12. Mr. Ankush Agrawal:   Health Exclusion in India: An Explorative Analysis,
  13. Dr. Saswat Chandra Pujari:  Older Persons in the Family: Facets of Physical and Emotional Alienation,
  14. Mr. Rama Joglekar:  Can Health Insurance Reduce Catastrophic Health Care Costs?,
  15. Dr. Jharana Mishra:  Health & Social Status of Tribal Women: Some Reflection from Orissa,
  16. Prof. Vighnesh N. Bhat, :  Public Health Predicaments in Global India: Critical Reflections,
  17. Prof. B. Nalini:  Status of Women and Children in Disorganized Families - With Special Reference to HIV/AIDS,
  18. Dr. Mohammad Izhar Hassan,Dr.(Mrs.) Pritirekha Daspattanayak: On Development and Gender: Some Empirical Evidences from India ,
  19. Ms. Nitu Maurya:  Public-Private Partnership for Health Infrastructure: Their Targets, Challenges and Achievements,
  20. Kumar Vivek Kant ,Ms. Suneeta Singh:  Health and Environment ,
  21. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Das,Dr. Bhagyalaxmi Mohanty:   Psychosocial care of the aged: Indian Perspective ,
  22. Ms. V. Reeta:  Juvenile Delinquency is a result of improper development,
  23. Ms. Rashmi Sharma,Dr. Ashok Pradhan:Concept of Reproductive Health and Health Care among Binjhwar Women of Chhattisgarh,
  24. Dr. Alok Chantia,Dr. Preeti Misra,Dr. Rohit Misra:Right to Health, HIV and Dhankut of District Bahraich, U.P.,,,>
  25. Dr. Preeti Misra,Dr. Alok Chantia:   Gender Discrimination, Women's Health and Access to Health Services- A critical Evaluation,,
  26. Dr. M .V. Vaithilingam:  Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Maternal and Child Health: A study among South Indian Districts,
  27. Ms. Saumya Chand:  Women's Health in India: A Serious Concern,
  28. Mr. Padarabinda Rath:  Child Labor Through Census Lens: Some findings with special reference to Orissa,
  29. Prof. Prasanta Pathak, Mr. Sanjeev Bakshi:  Possible Determinants of Selected Health Problems among the Older Adults in India,,
  30. Mr. S. Paramesvaran,Dr. K. Nagaraju:   Study on Caretakers Burden and Quality of Life of Child with Cerebral Palsy ,
  31. Dr. P. Karuppuchamy,Mr. S. Paramesvaran,Dr. K. Mahadevan:  Mental Health With Person Living With HIV/AIDS,
  32. Prof. Denny John:   Demand-side financing mechanisms for cataract surgeries ,
  33. Mr. Bharath Kumar:  Trend and trade-off in socioeconomic inequality among child nutritional status in India ,
  34. Mr. Devashish Haldar:   HIV/AIDS and Health ,
  35. Prof. Sigamani P:   Management of Public Health Services in India: A Critical Appraisal ,
  36. Uma Shankar Majhi,Mr. Arabinda Acharya:   Levels and Differentials of People's Knowledge and Use of Family Planning methods among Tribes and Non-Tribes in Orissa,,
  37. Dr. Tapan Kumar Gope:   Tribal Health and Practices in a Rural Area in Northern part of West Bengal,
  38. Dr Sharmistha Bhattacharjee:   Rural Society and National Rural Health Mission,
  39. Prof. Sanghmitra S Acharya:   Youth in Development Discourse- Examining Some Public Policies and Programmes,
  40. Ms.Sudha Tewari & Ms. Monali Nayak,Dr. Devendra Kothari:  Managerial Challenges in Healthcare,, ,
  41. Mr. Rajiv Ranjan:  Low Acceptance of Family Planning Method in Bihar, India:Is Due to High Prevalence of Gynaecological Morbidity or Poor Quality of Health Services?,
  42. Mr. Ashok Kumar,Mr. Ravendra K. Sharma:  Status of Women and Ante natal Care Services Utilization in Orissa and Jharkhand States of India,,
  43. Mr. Arabinda Acharya ,Mr. Uma Shankar Majhi,Mr. Ananta Bashudev Sahu :   A Nutritional Level in India: Evidence from Comparative Study in Orissa and Kerela,
  44. Dr. N. Audinarayana:   Factors Affecting Utilization of Public Health Care Facilities in Tamil Nadu: An Analysis of NFHS, 2005-06 Data ,
  45. Banhishikha Bhattacharyya ,Dr. Sibnath Deb:   Adolescent's Emotional Adjustment: An Empirical Study ,
  46. Dr. Sibnath Deb:   Ethical Issues In Social and Behavioural Research ,
  47. Dr. Sibnath Deb:   Myths Related To Colostrums And Breastfeeding Effecting Health Of Children: A Qualitative Study,
  48. Dr. Sibnath Deb:   Importance Of Qualitative Research In Social Science And Health,
  49. Dr. Sibnath Deb:   Child Maltreatment: Loss Of Huge Human Resource,
  50. Ms. Nora Engel:  The Role of Innovation Policy in Reaching Health Related MDGs: A Theoretical Perspective on the Case of Infectious Diseases ,
  51. Ms. Shilpi Ghosh,Dr. Pradeep Chandra Shukla:   Visual-Motor Integration and the Students with Congenital Heart Defects,
  52. Dr U V Somayajulu, Mr Purujit Prahraj, Dr S Anil Chandran:   Public Health Infrastructure in India: Status and Concerns
  53. Dr. Dewaram A. Nagdeve:   Urban-Rural Differentials in Reproductive and Child Healthcare in India
  54. Dr U V Somayajulu, Mr Tilak Mukherji:  A Review of the Health Sector Reforms in India
  55. Mr. Prabakar.S ,Vijayalakshmi.V, Mr. Shankar Narayan. P. B. & Dr. Satheesh Kumar.C:   A study on the impact of public private partnership among PHC's in Pondicherry
  56. Dr. Bipin Jojo ,Mr. Uma Shankar Majhi,Mr. Hrushikesh Tripathy:   Utilization of Antenatal and Post-natal Care among Tribes and Non-Tribes in Rural Orissa: Looking Forward to NRHM,
  57. Dr. J. Suhara Beevi:  Morbidity Status of the Elderly Women in Institutions and Non-Institutions of a Transitional Society-Kerela
  58. Prof. Dr. Subhadra Iyengar:  Collaborative PPP Model in achieving MDG in Healthcare Delivery System ,
  59. Dr. Rajaratnam Abel:  Towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals,
  60. Prof. Sandip Anand:   What constitutes Health Care Branding in India? - An empirical exploratory study in Bhubaneswar,
  61. Prof. Suhita Chopra Chatterjee:   Millennium Development Goals and Health Equity: A Critical Enquiry ,
  62. Ms. Reetu Sharma:   Sector Wide Approach in National RCH Program in India,
  63. Dr. Ms. Tapati Das:  Welfare Services for the Aged - A success story of PRERANA,
  64. Ms. Shrabanti Sen,Prof. F. Ram:   Males Perspectives in the Use of Traditional Contraception in West Bengal: A Qualitative Insight ,
  65. Mr. Sourabh Chakraborty, Dr. S. K. Singh:  How safe is our workplace with respect to HIV/AIDS: A Study of Diamond Industry of Surat,
  66. Dr. Aabha Chaudhray:  Healthy Ageing : Issues and Interventions in Rural India,
  67. Dr. A. Kameswara Rao:  Evaluation of Health Insurance Scheme for Family Welfare Acceptors in Andhra Pradesh,
  68. Prof. M.H. Suryanarayana:  Morbidity Profile: Diseases of Affluence and Poverty Kerala vs All-India ,
  69. Prof. R. Jayasree:  New Reproductive Technologies and its Implication on Women - A Review,
  70. Eduard Jongstra:   Return of the Population Growth Factor: Its Impact on MGDs,
  71. Ms. Soumya Patnaik ,Meha Rashmi,Mr. Vinay Subramanian   Disability and the workplace: Current scenario and need for Policy " ,
  72. Prof.C.P.Prakasam:  Knowledge Attitude and behaviour towards HIV/AIDS in Selected States in India: Evidences from NFHS-3 Data,
  73. Prof. Sandip Anand,Prof. R.K. Sinha:   Attitude Of Women In Bihar And Tamilnadu Towards Domestic Violence: Implications For Reproductive Health Program In India ,,
  74. Ms. Swarna Manjari Behera:  Unintended Pregnancy and their Contraceptive Behavior in Rural India,,
  75. Dr. Manas Ranjan Nanda:  Child and Health Infant Mortality among Juangs in Orissa: A study of Gonasika Grampanchyat in Keonjhar District,
  76. Prof. Chura Giri:  Women and Development in Rural Perspective: A Case of Margherita Block,
  77. Ms. Archana Joshi,Manoj Raut &Nandini Srivastava:  Communitization of health services through Public Private Peoples' Partnership - an experiment in Tribal Vadodara ,
  78. Mr. Binod Kumar Singh:  A GIS based Study of Rural exodus of youth in India: An evidence from Census 2001,
  79. Dr. Y.L. Tekhre,Dr. Gita Bamezai :  A qualitative analysis of community response to Birth dose of mOPV1,,
  80. William Winfrey, V Jayachandran ,Rachel Sanders & Dayl Donaldson :  Household Health Expenditures in Uttar Pradesh,
  81. Dr. K. C. Das, S. S. Kundu:   HIV Prevalence in India: Recent Evidence from NFHS-3,,
  82. Nirmala T, Sathya P, Vijayalakshmi R, Adlin Pon Joy R:  Health Status of Primary School Children in A Selected Rural Community,
  83. Diwakar Yadav, Dr. Gurnam Singh, :   Health of Slum Population: A Challenge to Achievement of Millennium Development Goals,
  84. Ms. Vandana Bhattacharya:  Assessing impact of Job-related Stress on the health of the Employees in corporate sector,
  85. Mr. Harihar Sahoo,Prof. Digambar A. Chimankar:  State of Economic Independence and Living arrangements of Elderly in India,
  86. Mr S Radhakrishnan, Dr U V Somayajulu:How serious is Malnutrition among Children in Indian States?,,
  87. Dr. Jacob John Kattakayam:  An Inquiry into the Problems and Needs of the Oldest Old,
  88. Ms. Shivani Rawat:  Institutional Services and Care of the Aged (A Sociological Study of Institutionalized Elderly),
  89. Dr.Sanjay Sharma, Sameer Sawarkar, Rajeev Kumar & Minal Sawarkar:   Challenges and Solutions in Rural Health Care Delivery,
  90. Dr. Emily Das:   Factors influencing reproductive choices of HIV infected women in Mumbai, India,
  91. Ruby Alambusha,Prof. Sulabha Parasuraman:   Sexual Behaviour of Unmarried Adolescent Munda girls of Ranchi district migrated for work in Unorganized Sector,
  92. Manas Ranjan Pradhan,Usha Ram:   Exploring the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Rural Young Women in Orissa: Does Gender Role Matters,
  93. S.K.Mohanty, F.Ram and Usha Ram:  Progress and Prospects of Millennium Development Goals in India ,
  94. Ananta Basudev Sahu:  Gender differential in the Knowledge about Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in India; Evidences from NFHS-3 Survey,
  95. Laxmi Prasad Sonwani:  Status of Maternal and Child Health Care in Orissa,
  96. Prof. S. Siva Raju:   Networking of Organizations Working For Elderly Care in Mumbai: Issues and Implications,
  97. Dr.Sobha B Nair:  Globalisation and the Changing Health Scenario of the elderly in Kerala,
  98. Smt.Pushpam.M:  Globalization and Tribal Health -A Kerala Scenario,
  99. Dr. P.M.Sandhya Rani:  Tribal Adolescent Married Girls Knowledge and Attitude towards HIV/AIDS :A study in an underdeveloped region of Jharkhand ,
  100. Jagannath Behera:  Disparity in Infant mortality among caste in Orissa and its causes. Evidence from National Family Health Survey- 3.,
  101. Sasmita Jena,Prof. M. D. Vemuri:  Antenatal Care Among Scheduled Tribe Women in India,
  102. Dr. B.P. Thiagarajan:  Contraceptive Social Marketing of female condoms,
  103. Battala Madhusudana:  Health consequences among trafficked victims in Andhra Pradesh,
  104. Harinam Singh: HIV/AIDS and Gender: An Analytical Perspective of Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health in India,
  105. Pallavi Singh:   Women and Development,,
  106. Dr. Y.S. Sivan:   Health and Social Development Management Information System in India and the
  107. Dr. Papiya Guha Mazumdar,Dr. Sumit Mazumdar:  Couple's Knowledge of HIV/AIDS: Differentials and Determinants in Six High-Prevalence States,
  108. Prof. K S James:  Economic Growth and Public Health in India,
  109. Prof. T.S.Syamala:  Infertility in India: Its levels, trends and determinants,
  110. Mailud El-Amari and Asharaf Abdul Salam:  Mortality Transition in Libya and its Implications for Health Systems Development,
  111. S. Radhakrishnan,Jayanta Kumar Basu:   Different strokes for different folks: Comparative study on FSW, Maharashtra,,
  112. Pushpanjali Swain,Sherin Raj T.P:  Vulnerability Aspects of Ageing in India: Districts level Analysis
  113. Ayusmati Das:   Revamping Maternal Health care in India,
  114. Diwakar Yadav, Dr. H. Lhungdim:  Factors associated with Low Birth Weight (LBW): A Special Focus to Maharashtra,
  115. Dr. Shashi R Agrawal ,Swapna sarkar:  Women Health and HIV/AIDS,