Minutes of the Executive Council Meeting March 2010

The Executive Committee meeting of IASSH was held on 4th March 2010 at IT Guest House, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi with Dr K. E. Vaidyanathan, President chairing the meeting to discuss the following Agenda items:

  1. Read and approve the minutes of last EC meeting
  2. To review the work done during 2008-2009
  3. Presentation of Balance sheet ending 31 March 2009.
  4. Election of New EC members for the years 2010-2012 for the positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members
  5. To introduce new positions “Joint Secretary”.
  6. Increasing Membership fee
  7. To pass resolution to raise loan of available FD’s for financial adjustments
  8. Formation of “Board of Trustee”
  9. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
  10. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
The following EC members were present:
  • Dr. K.E. Vaidyanathan
  • President
  • Dr. C.P.Prakasam
  • Secretary and Treasurer
  • Dr. P. K. B. Nayar
  • Ex President ,Ex-officio member
  • Dr. N. Audinarayana
  • Member
  • Dr. U. V. Somayajulu
  • Member
  • Dr. Y. L. Tekhre
  • Member
  • Dr.Vighnesh N. Bhatt
  • Member
  • Dr. Poonam Mehta
  • Member
  • Dr. N.K. Mahakud
  • Member
  • Dr. K. Satya (UNFPA)
  • Invitee
  • Dr. Robin Oakley
  • Invitee
  • Dr. D. Balaiah Donta
  • Invitee
    and Dr. Chura Giri stayed in Varanasi city and could not attend the meeting and Dr. K. A. Parvathy; Dr Siva Raju could not attend the meeting because of busy schedule at their work place.

    Agenda item: 1

    Dr. Prakasam, Secretary red last year minutes of EC meeting held at Pondicherry. EC members approved it.
    Agenda item: 2

    Dr. Prakasam, Secretary briefed about some of the developments during 2009-2010 year mentioned that the Membership of IASSH increased from 362 to 550 since the previous annual conference held at Pondicherry. Two institutional members have been enrolled among that one is from International organization and one is Indian organization. Efforts made by the EC members in enrolling new members were acknowledged.

    Agenda item: 3

    Income and expenditure statement for the past year 2008-2009 have been examined by the members and approved and suggested to place before General Body for necessary approval.

    Agenda Item 4:

    Dr. Prakasam, Secretary explained the working term of present committee will be over and new committee should be form for the year 2010-2012.

    Dr. P. K. B. Nayar pointed out that the two positions viz: President and Secretary are key positions and hence should be suggested before General Body meeting. Dr. Satya (UNFPA) complemented the work done by IASSH in encouraging the youth participation which is in tune with the UNFPA norms and policies. He suggested that Dr. K.E. Vaidyanathan should continue as President. The Committee decided to place before the general body the proposal to elect office bearers to the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary (co-opted) Treasurer, and EC members.

    Agenda Item 5:

    The Executive Committee agreed that the proposal for creating Joint Secretary Position could be co-opted and placed before the General Body meeting for approval.

    Agenda Item 6:

    Dr. Prakasam, Secretary explained to the committee that since six years there is no revision of Membership fee and looking at the working condition of the committee it is suggested that Life Member fee to 3000/- and proportionally other membership fee. After discussion Committee decided that: Annual membership fee Rs.500/-, Life Membership fee Rs.2000/- and Institutional Membership fee to Rs.20, 000.It was decided to place this proposal before the General Body, and once it is approved the revised fee will be implemented from 1 April, 2010.

    Agenda Item 7:

    Dr. Prakasam Secretary & Treasurer explained current situation of funding from the external agencies and suggested that it is required to take loan against the FD to advance the seminar expenses and repay the loan amount after the funding for the conference received from the external agencies.

    All EC members unanimously adopted the following resolution:
    "If the necessity arises, the Secretary and Treasurer are authorized to pledge the FD’s of the Association to raise short term loan to advance the seminar expenses..This resolution may be duly communicated to the Bank".

    Agenda Item 8:

    In according to the Agenda item no. 2 of the earlier EC meeting held at Pondicherry, Dr. U.V. Somayajulu made available the bye laws of forming “Board of Trustee”. It has been accepted by the EC to adapt these bye-laws to IASSH. Procedures of implementation will be taken up by Dr. C.P.Prakasam in consultation with the Executive Committee (2010-2012)

    Agenda Item 9:

    Under the agenda item 9 “any other matter” Dr. C.P.Prakasam explained that to encourage youth participation, this year poster presentations apart from Oral presentations. Members of the Committee agreed to this introduction.

    The Secretary explained that this year SIGMA RESEARCH & CONSULTATING PVT. LTD is sponsoring the youth best research paper award for three best presentations. Members of the committee acknowledge with thanks for the sponsorship of SIGMA Research Consulting P. Ltd. and Committee agreed that this kind of sponsorship should be explored in coming years.It has been decided to invite donations for the award in future conferences.

    The Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair ,to all the EC members and the invited guests.