Minutes of the GENERAL BODY Meeting March 2010

The General Body Meeting of IASSH was held on 5th March 2010 at Dr.Udupa Memorial Hall,near IMS, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi with Dr K. E. Vaidyanathan, President chairing the meeting to discuss the following:

  • 1. The GB approved the decision to increase the life membership fee to Rs2, 000 and annual membership fee to Rs500 per year; this will be with effect from April 1, 2010.
  • 2. Prof CP Prakasam and Prof K.E Vaidyanathan mentioned that new EC has to be elected as the current EC’s term is getting completed.
  • 3. Prof PKB Nayar suggested that the present EC should continue for another term with separation of General Secretary and Treasurer as decided in the last GB meeting held at Pondicherry.
  • 4. Prof Nayar proposed Prof Vaidyanathan as President, Prof Prakasam as Vice President, Dr Somayajulu as General Secretary and Prof Audinarayana as Treasurer. Dr Peppin and Dr Tekhre seconded this proposal
  • 5. Prof MSR Murthy proposed that the EC should have a joint Secretary, while Dr KNM Raju seconded it
  • 6. The GB also approved the composition of the EC as 5 office bearers including Joint Secretary and 8 EC members
  • 7. Dr Tekhre expressed his inability to continue as EC member due to pressure of work in his new assignment.
  • 8. Dr.S.Sivaraju and Prof K.A.Parvathy did not attend the meeting
  • 9. Dr Poonam Mehta Dr Chura Giri and Dr Mahakud expressed their willingness to continue as EC members. Prof Nayar conveyed the willingness of Dr Vighnesh Bhat to continue as EC member
  • 10. Dr Audinarayana and Dr Pratibha Mishra proposed Prof M.S.R Murthy’s name as one of the EC members and Dr Muniappan seconded the same
  • 11. Dr Peppin’s name for EC membership was proposed by Prof Nayar and seconded by Dr U V Somayajulu
  • 12. Dr A Varadarajan’s name for EC membership was proposed by Dr Tekre and seconded by Dr S Talwar
  • 13. Dr Vijayanti Mala’s name for EC membership was proposed by Dr Subarna Lata Sahoo and seconded by Somenath Bhattacharya
  • 14. Since the number of members proposed was adequate, the geenra body unanimously accepted the proposal
  • 15. Prof Vaidyanathan suggested that the theme for the next annual conference could be Health, Environment and Sustainable Development in view of the growing importance of environmental issues and interest of international agencies. The general body unanimously accepted this proposal.
  • 16. Prof Prakasam and Prof Vaidyanathan invited proposals from members for hosting the next conference
  • 17. Prof MSR Murthy informed that Sri Venkateswara University is willing to to host the next conference at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati on behalf of the Dept of Population Studies and Social Work:
The Following Office bearers elected for the years 2010-2012:
1. Dr. K.E.Vaidyanathan   President   vaidyake@hotmail.com
2. Dr. C.P.Prakasam     Vice President    prakasam60@gmail.com
3. Dr. U. V. Somayajulu     Secretary     ulimiri_vs@yahoo.com
4. Dr.T.B.Singh     Joint Secretary (Coopted)    tbsinghbiostat@gmail.com
5. Dr. N. Audinarayana     Treasurer    audinarayana.bu@gmail.com
6. Prof. Chura Giri     Member     chura_giri@rediffmail.com
7. Dr.Vighnesh Bhat     Member     vighnubhat@rediffmail.com
8. Dr. N. K. Mahakud     Member    nmahakud@gmail.com
9. Dr. Poonam Mehta     Member    poonam7201@yahoo.co.in
10. Dr.S.Peppin     Member    peppin@ximb.ac.in
11. Dr.M.S.R.Murthy     Member    msrmurthy2001@gmail.com
12. Dr.A.Varadarajan     Member    a_v_rajan@yahoo.co.in
13. Dr.K.Vijayanthimala     Member    kvjmala@yahoo.co.in
Dr. P.K.B. Nayar     Ex-Officio member    pkbnayar@yahoo.co.in
  • 18. Dr Nalini Khanna proposed Lucknow university, while Dr Pratibha Jain Mishra of Vishwa Jain University in Ladnun proposed as the venue
  • 19.The general body left the decision about the venue to the EC after due consultations and assessing the merits of different location.
  • 20.Prof C.Prakasam thanked the participants for their cooperation and support.The meeting ended with thanks to all the members for their active support and participation