Organized by
Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP)
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences,
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, UP 221005 India
Contact: 9795 996951; 9335 669697, 9889 279897, Phone: 0413 2654373, 2654380,
e-mail: csseipbhu@yahoo.com
Venue: Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
5 - 7 March, 2010
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Home Theams Poster Presentation List
Symposia-I:Health, Poverty and Human Development Interrelationships
Symposia-II: Food Security, Nutrition, Women and Children
Symposia-III: Public policies to improve Health and Human Development:

1.Assessment of nutritional status among women and children of a primitive tribal group: Kandha. Dr.K.Vijayanthimala & Prof. S.N.Rath   Abstractkvjmala@yahoo.co.in
2.Planning for Social Development among the Tribal Communities: Understanding Social Representations of Health A. K. Sharma, Shikha Dixit and Rita Singh  Abstract arunk@iitk.ac.in
3.Health and Poverty among the PLHIV and its Impact on the Women and Children in the Household Mrs. Reeti Debnath& Mr. Pradosh Debnath   Abstract pradosh@tathya.com,
4.Social Position and Health: A Health Psychology PerspectiveShikha Dixit  Abstract shikha@iitk.ac.in
5.Deprivation of India's Scheduled Caste Children from Primary Education Lakhan Singh  Abstractlakhaniips@gmail.com
6.A Pilot Study of Factors Determining Maternal Health and Morbidity in Slums: an Exploratory Study of Kanpur City Rita Singh ,A. K. Sharma, and Rohini Ghosh  Abstractarunk@iitk.ac.in
7.Research Topics on Health, Poverty and Human Development Anima Sharma  Abstract arnimasharma@gmail.com
8.Paradox Of Economic Development And Social Exclusion: A Case Of Uttar Pradesh In India Dr Manoj Kumar Agarwal   Abstractmk_agarwal@hotmail.com
9.Assessing Ethical problems in health care sector Dr. Veera Talukdar   Abstract bhaskarveera95@gmail.com
10.Challenges of Population Growth and Health in Bihar J. P. Singh   Abstractjpsingh1950@gmail.com
11.Depletion Of Natural Resources And Its Impact On Food, Nutrition And Health Sri. Samar Kumar, Somenath Bhattacharjee   Abstract smrkbis@yahoo.co,
12.Social Implications of E-Commerce: A Potent Tool for Social Development Dr. Sumanjeet  Abstractsumanjeetsingh@yahoo.com
13.Community Health Through Women Self-Help GroupsMr. P. Rajkumar, Dr. S. Allah Baksh& Mr. P. Vinayagamurthy,Pratibha J.Mishra   Abstract eswar_rajkumar@yahoo.co.in,
pjmldn@gmail.com , extensionjvbu@gmail.com
14.Initial Breast feeding: A Study in South Asia Prof. M.S.R. Murthy and Venkata Putcha  Abstractmsrmurthy2001@gmail.com
15.Domestic Violence and Child Nutrition in India Suresh Sharma  Abstract suresh@iegindia.org
16.Poverty and women in Slum Areas in Kolkata -Their Health an Indicator of their Environment Maitreyee Bardhan Roy  Abstractsumabroy@dataone.in
17.Demographics of oldest old population in India Prof Tara Kanitkar,Sharvari Shukla  Abstracttarakanitkar@hotmail.com,
18.Women and Development with special reference to the health of women in Manipur Thounaojam Sunitibala Devi  Abstract sunitibala27@gmail.com
19.A Study To Assess Knowledge And Practices Of ANC And PNC Among Rural Sc & St Women In Mahabubnagar District, A.P. K. Ravikiran Sharma, Mrs. K. Vishnu Priya   Abstractkalapatapu@iitbombay.org,
20.Perceptions and Knowledge of Schooling girls and theirMothers on Puberty and Management during Menstruation Prof. V.K. Ravindra Kumar and Dr. P. Vinayaga Murthy,  Abstractravindrakumar.vk@gmail.com
21.Daughter Preference and Contraceptive use in Matrilineal Tribal Societies in Meghalaya Pralip Kumar Narzary , Shilpi Mishra  Abstractpralipkn@gmail.com
22. Impact Of Water Pollution On Health: Empirical Study In Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu: Dr. K. Govindarajalu,  Abstractkgkovai@gmail.com
23.Socio- economic and cultural dynamics of adverse child sex ratio: a case study of Una district in Himachal Pradesh Piar Chand Ryhal & Shashi Punam   Abstractkhushi12.p@gmail.com
24.A Study Of Human Development Indicators And Declining Child Sex Ratio In Himachal Pradesh Piar Chand Ryhal Professor & Shashi Punam   Abstractpiaru@nitham.ac.in,
25.Health for all: from firm promises to new 'Realism' Dr.K.Gangadharan,  Abstractdrkgangadharan@gmail.com
26. Globalization And Its Impact On Health Among Malayali (Tribe) Of Eastern Ghats Of Tamil Nadu C. Ramanadhaswamy,& Prof. T. Subramanyam Naidu   Abstract crswamee@gmail.com,
27.A Study on the Assessment of Environment Friendly Behavior among Adolescents Chandra Kumari,Seema Awasthi,  Abstractseema_awasthi2005@yahoo.co.in
28.A Study On Psycho-Social Condition Among The Hiv/Aids Infected Or Affected Patients Winnie Joyce. A,& Dr. F.X.Lovelina Little Flower,  Abstractwinnjoy82@gmail.com
29.Nature of Risk Behaviour among Adolescents in Kolkata Sibnath Deb   Abstractsibnath23@gmail.com
30.Nutritional status of low birth weight babies in India Susmita Bharati  Abstractsusmita@isical.ac.in
31.Socioeconomic differences in Body Mass Index and its effect on health status in India Suparna Shome  Abstractssom@isical.ac.in
32.HIV/AIDS Afflicated – A Study In Visakhapatnam From Multidimensional Perspective Of Poverty Prof. M. Lakshmipathiraju,K. Srinuvasu  Abstractlaksmipatiraju@yahoo.com
33.Obstetric Morbidity among Currently Married Women in Selected States of India Pandurang Sontakke ,& Dr.R.S.Reshmi  Abstractpandurang.sontakke@gmail.com
34.Changing Community Norms Of Sexuality And Sexual Rights: Methods Currently Being Utilized In An Urban Poor Community In India Rajendra Singh, Ravi Verma & Saggurti Niranjan   Abstractrsingh@icrw.org
35.Mechanism of Violence and HIV/STI vulnerability among married women in low income communities of Mumbai, India Rajendra Singh, Ravi Verma & Saggurti Niranjan   Abstract rsingh@icrw.org
36.Knowledge of diabetes mellitus and it's symptoms and complications among diabetic patients in urban area: a cross sectional study Nitendra Kr. Chaurasia, Shobha Karikatti, A.S Wantamutte, & Vijay Naik   Abstractnitendrabiotech@gmail.com
37.Contemporary Trend Of Development And The Possibility Of Achieving Health Goals Of MDG In Odisha. N. K. Mahakud,  Abstract nmahakud@gmail.com
38.Urban Poverty and Adult Health in Eight Metro cities of India Kamla Gupta,  Abstract kamlagupta@rediffmail.com
39.Women Education, Health and Human Development: An Overview Gitanjali Mohanty  Abstractgitanjalimohanty@yahoo.co.in
40.Health Utilization in Tribal Areas: Socially Exclusive Community in Dhadgaon TahsilMr. Satish Gulabrao Jadhav   Abstractsatishjadhavsndtjal@gmail.com
41.Reflections on child nutrition in IndiaDr. Sheel Sharma   Abstractsheel56@yahoo.com
sheelsh@rediffmail.com ,
42.Social and Behavioural correlates of Cardio Vascular diseases in two districts of Tamil Nadu Muniappan P   Abstractmuniappandemo@yahoo.co.in
43.On Redefining the Poverty Line:Catastrophic Health Expenses, Morbidity and Implications Dr M.H. Suryanarayana   Abstract
44.A Study On Coping Strategies Of Breast Cancer Patients Margaret Diana. S and Dr. R. Dhakshina   Abstract
45.Statistical Information System For Decentralised Planning and Human Development Towards 21st Century Pulakesh Maiti, Prof.(Dr.) Subhash Chandra  Abstractscpeace2010@yahoo.in
46.Gender Inequalities in population in Tamil Nadu for the period from 1901 - 2001 A Krishnamurthy,  Abstractkrishna_200872@yahoo.com
47.Perceptions And Reasons Regarding Non - Utilisation Of Family Planning Methods Among Rural Men: A Cross Sectional StudyBhimagouda Patil, Shobha Karikatti, A.S.Wantmutte, & Vijaya Naik.   Abstract
48Impact Of Health Program- (Rajiv Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme) On Poor Of Below Powerty Line Dr. D.Sobhasri,K.Viswa Bhushan  Abstract
49.Real-Time Bio-Surveillance Program: Field Experiences from Tamil Nadu, India Dr. M. Ganesan, Suma Prashant, N. Janakiraman and Nuwan Waidyanatha  Abstractganesan@tenet.res.in
50.Living Environment and Health Conditions of Selected cities in India: Prioritizing key issues for National Urban Health Mission Srinivas Goli,  Abstractsirispeaks2u@gmail.com
51.Socio-Economic Determinants of Demographic and Health Inequalities in Urban India: Evidences from NFHS-3Srinivas Goli  Abstractsirispeaks2u@gmail.com
52.Multi-Level Determinants Of Regional Variations In Infant mortality In India: A State Level Analysis Shamindra Nath Roy   Abstractshami3333@gmail.com
53.Evaluation of Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) in East Godavari District, APDr.V.Chandrasekhar,K.Ravindraiah Reddy,& Dr. CV.Mahesh Kumar  Abstractrmccommed@yahoo.com
54.Determinants and Consequences of HIV/AIDS among the Pregnant Women: A Case Study of Delhi Prof. Sudesh Nangia and Ms. Sweta Kumari Gupta  Abstractnangia42@hotmail.com
55.Gender Deprivation in Rural Jharkhand: A Case Study Dr. Bhola Nath Ghosh  Abstractbholanathghosh@hotmail.com
56.Social Discrimination in Access to Health Care- Listening to Young Voices from Western India Sanghmitra S Acharya  Abstractsanghmitrasacharya@yahoo.com
57Status of Marginalised Tribal Women And Health - A Survey of Dhankut Women of District Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh Dr.Alok Chantia-Lecturer & Preeti misra   Abstractmisra9us@gmail.com
58.Women And Health (A Case Study Of Hajong Women Of Assam) Chura Giri   Abstractchura_giri@rediffmail.com
59.Poverty: Indian Legal Approch Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh  Abstractm_nd1986@rediffmail.com
60Inequities in Maternal Health Care and its Implications in the state of Odisha Dr. Srimati Nayak,  Abstractsri1003@rediffmail.com
61.Role Of Psychology In Health , Poverty And Human Development Ananas Kumar  Abstractananash_kumar@yahoo.co.in
62.Reducing Indoor Air Pollution for Improving Rural Woman's Health Dr Kavita  Abstractkavita.hsc@gmail.com
63.Deforestation and its effect on Health:A Study on the forest areas of Kokrajhar District of Assam. Dimacha Dwibrang Mwchahary  Abstractddmachahary@yahoo.com
64.Family Poverty and Schooling: Evidences from NFHS III and implications Dr. Madhusudan J. V. , Kh. Jitenkumar Singh and Jeetendra Yadav  Abstractmadhusudanjv@yahoo.co.in
65.Health and Nutritional Status of Rural Women in Barabanki District of Uttar Pradesh Arpita Verma  Abstractarpita.verma15@gmail.com
66.Health Impact of Sanitation and Regional Disparities in India Brijesh C. Purohit   Abstractbrijeshpurohit@gmail.com
67.Nutritional Status And Morbidity Pattern Of Hospitalized Elderly Dr.V.Raji Sugumar,  Abstractrajis207@gmail.com
68.Environmental-Health Facilities and Its Linkages to Health Hazards in Orissa Ayusmati Das  Abstractayusmatijnu@gmail.com
69.Poverty Encouraging Gender Discrimination in Contemporary India Somika Sinha,  Abstractsomikasinha@gmail.com
70.Access To Maternal Health Services In Backward Regions: An Intra-Regional Study DR.Talwar Sabanna,  Abstractsabannatalwars@rediffmail.com
71.Social exclusion and Education:The case of Indian MuslimsZiyauddin  Abstractziyasocio@gmail.com
72.Globalization And Human Rights Dharitri Parija  Abstractdharitrinn@gmail.com
73.Analysing Catastrophic OOP Health Expenditure in India: Measurement, Determinants and Policy Implications Rama Pal,  Abstractrama@igidr.ac.in
74.Gender Inequality in Income Poverty and Health: An Indian Scenario Deepti Singh  Abstractdsingh.singh87@gmail.com
75.Food Practices and Food Taboos during Pregnancy and Lactation among Tribals of Andhra Pradesh Dr. A. Varadarajan  Abstracta_v_rajan@yahoo.co.in
76.Gender And Health Deprivations In India: Reflections From NFHS-III Sadaf Rafiq Beg  Abstractsadafbeg@gmail.com
77.Obstetric Morbidity among Currently Married Women in Selected States of India Pandurang Sontakke , Dr.R.S. Reshmi , Daliya Sebastian,  Abstractpandurang.sontakke@gmail.com
78.Chronic Diseases And Poverty S. Prabakar  Abstractprabakar_pu@yahoo.com
79.Urban Poverty Health And Envoirmental Linkages Arun Tiwari  Abstractpoojaritu.gupta@gmail.com
80. Analysis of Health Expenditure in India using National Health Accounts Framework Sarit Kumar Rout  Abstractsaritrout@rediffmail.com
81.Poverty Conditions and their Differentials among Elderly in an Urban Setting of Tamil Nadu Mrs. Neelu Singh and Dr. N. Audinarayana,  Abstract audinarayana.bu@gmail.com
82.Gender inequalities in health and poverty in IndiaDr. Shivani,  Abstractshiva_mssw@yahoo.co.in
83.Creativity: The Contributory Role Of Parent-Adolescent Relationship Sweta Sonthalia , Subrata Dasgupta   Abstractswetainbloom@yahoo.com
84.Poverty, Human Development and Life Skills: A conceptual analysis Dr. A. Radhakrishnan Nair  Abstractnair.dr@gmail.com
85.Awareness of HIV/AIDS among high school students of Bailhongal City - A Cross Sectional Study. Dr. V N Hiremath,  Abstractdrvishunh@gmail.com
86.Behavioural and Social Factors Influencing the Treatment Process - Procrastination and Discontinuity Among Tuberculosis Patients Dr. B. Nalini,  Abstract bnalini@rediffmail.com
87.Gender inequalities in Health and Poverty among the Elderly personsPrashant Vishnu Sonwane   Abstract prashantsonwane7@gmail.com
88.How ready is the Health System to address the issue of Maternal Mortality? Dr. Chesta Sharma,  Abstract chesta@sahayogindia.org
89.Impacts of environmental degradation on human-well being: evidence from India Barun Kumar Thakur   Abstract barunsandilya@gmail.com
90.Does Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) have an impact on knowledge of HIV/AIDS and reducing AIDS poverty among married women? Sanjay Rijal  Abstractsanjay.rijal@hivboardnepal.com
91.Social Exclusion And Transgender:An Empirical Study In Puducherry, IndiaP. B. Shankar Narayan & Sunitha Kuppuswamy  Abstract
92.Inequalities in Health and Human Development Prof G Ramesh  Abstract
93.Pre - Marital Abortion And Reproductive Health Behaviour Of Unmarried Women In Trivandrum District, Kerala. Dr. P. Khuraisha Beevi  Abstractkuruhameed@rediffmail.com
94.Measuring Wealth Based Health Inequality among Indian Children: The Importance of Equity vs. EfficiencyJalandhar Pradhan  AbstractJalandhar_pradhan@rediffmail.com
95.Involvement of Men in Reproductive Health issues in an urban poor community in Greater Mumbai Balaiah Donta, D D Naik, Prashant Tapase and Anil Bandivedekar  Abstract bdonta2007@yahoo.co.in
96.Whither Government Response To Aids Control In IndiaDr. Vishal Desai & Dr. Savita Bohi  Abstract
97.A Study Of Knowledge And Attitude Towards Tuberculosis In Rural Area Of Hosur Block M. Cheralathan,  Abstractcheralathan.2006@reiffmail.com
98.Globalization and Health in India Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh,  Abstractravindrap4u@gmail.com
99.Child Malnutrition in India Dr Roopa Singh, Dr Deepa,   Abstractroopa_12may@indiatimes.com
100.SHG In Empowering Women’s Health – An Empirical Study V.Vijayalakshmi  Abstract victoryviji@gmail.com
101.Self-Rated Poor Health And Socio-Economic Inequalities Among Indian Elderly Pallavi Banjare & J. Pradhan   Abstract pallavibanjare@gmail.com
102.Child Health and Mother's Education: A Comparative Study between Kerala and Bihar Rekha Gupta & Aviral Pandey  Abstract rekhaeco@gmail.com
103.Gender Biasedness in Health of the Aging People: A Case Study of Hamirpur District.Chandan Pandey & Smriti Tripathi   Abstract smrati.tripathi01@gmail.com
104.Involving Village People And Preparing Them To Combat With The Epidemic Like Hiv/Aids In Orissa Through Lws (Link Workers Scheme) MS. Saswati Nayak   Abstractjnu_snm@yahoo.com ,
105. Ageing And Health Policy: Impact Of Globalization Dr. Mala Kapur Shankardass  Abstractmkshankardass@gmail.com
106.Health status and its bio-cultural correlates among a group of adolescent girls in Sikkim, India Shailendra K Mishra and Susmita Mukhopadhyay  Abstractshailendra_r@isical.ac.in
107.A Matter Of Looks :The Framing Of Obesity In Popular Indian Daily Newspapers Mr M.Maheshwar and D.Raghunatha Rao  Abstractmaheswarnin@yahoo.com
108.Communicating Nutrition Through School Science Curricula – A Content Analysis Of TextbooksG.M. Subba Rao  Abstractgmsubbarao@yahoo.com
109.Women's Autonomy and Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Care Services in IndiaMukesh Tiwari  Abstractmukesh.tiwari@ihat.in
110.Poverty Reduction and Human Development- Role of Educational Leaders Santosh Kumar Sharma  Abstractsantoboss@gmail.com
111.HIV/AIDS, Poverty And Human Development: An Appraisal Under WHO GuidelinesDr.Alok Chantia,& Dr.Preeti Misra,  Abstract alokchantia@rediffmail.com
112.Inequity In Antenatal Care And Child Immunization Services In GoaDr.M.S.Kulkarni.  Abstractmskulkarni45@rediffmail.com
113.Impact Of Health And Home Environment On Study Habits Of Tribal Adolescents Of Sundargarh District, Orissa.Dr. Subarna Lata Sahoo,Miss Jyotsna Paula Barla, Dr.Ms Subarnalata Sahoo  Abstract,jyotsna.barla@yahoo.in
114.Inequity in Utilization of Public Health Services:The role of Service Accessibility in Rural Uttar Pradesh Neelanjana Pandey  Abstractneelanjana.p@gmail.com
115.Health Economy of India in Post Reform Period:Issues and Challenges Vijay Srivastava   Abstractvijay1986sri@gmail.com
116.Impact of Structural Reforms on Health of Women Dr. Indu Upadhyay  Abstractinduupadhyay@gmail.com
117.Estimation of slum population for different cities in India : Application of Statistical model Dr. M. N. Megeri and Prakash Kengnal  Abstractmegeri_mn@rediffmail.com
118.Poverty and Human Development Index in India P. Mohanachandran Nair Sri. Rajesh J. Nair   Abstractpmohanachandran@yahoo.com
119.Nutritional Status of Children in Female Headed Households in Kerala G.R. Lini, Dr. Suresh Kumar S.,& Dr. Jayasree.R  Abstractgrlini@yahoo.com
200.Relation Between Social Exclusion, Poverty and Health:A Human Development Perspective Anil Kumar   Abstract zanil7@gmail.com
201.Social Exclusion and Chronic Poverty in Remote Rural Areas of Madhya Pradesh Preeti Kathuria  Abstractpreeti.kathuria33@gmail.com
202.Discrimination, Violence and Vulnerability to HIV: The Experience of Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh Ms. Immaculate Mary,  Abstractihsimma@gmail.com
203.Discrimination, Violence And Vulnerability To HIV: The Experience Of Sex Workers In Andhra Pradesh Dr.F.X.Lovelina Little Flower,N.Nalini,  Abstractlovely_msw@buc.edu.in
204. Health, Poverty and Human Development sunita   Abstractsunita22jnu@gmail.com
205Effect of Gender Inequalities in Health and Poverty Nabaneeta Dutta<  Abstractnabaneetadutta@hotmail.com
206.A Research Note On Civil Registration System In India With Special Reference To The State Of Rajasthan Dr. B.P. Thiagarajan  Abstractponnambala.thiagarajan@nielsen.com
207.Under three years children in India: Challenges and opportunities Pradeep K. Mishran Manjushree Panda & Sucharita Mishra  Abstractpkmishra@careindia.org
208.Health Problems among Female Coir Workers in the Household Sector in Southern Kerala Dr. Shylaja L,  Abstractshylajajothi@yahoo.co.in
209.Rag Picking, Poverty And HIV/AID :A Study On Rag Pickers Of The Lucknow City Dr. Rohit Misra  Abstractmisrarohit_1@rediffmail.com
210.Mental Heath, Psychological Well Being And Nutritional Status Of Adolescents In The Poverty Stricken Slum Areas Of Puducherry And Villupuram RegionS.Singaravelu,  Abstract singaravelu.puducherry@gmail.com
211.Strategy towards achieving Safe motherhood in India Dr. Biranchi Jena,  Abstract biranchi_jena@emri.in
212.Rethinking Gender And Social Divisions: Women Empowerment In The Context Of Millenium Development Goals India. Ellina Samantroy  Abstractellinasamantroy@gmail.com
213.Linkages of Environment with the health condition of poor women and children in the urban areas of India Barsharani Maharana  Abstractbarsha.iips@gmail.com
214.Child Health and Economic Inequalities in Tamil Nadu Dr. M. Vaithilingam   Abstractvaidhya_iips@rediffmail.com
215.Human Rights, Health And Poverty Reduction StrategiesNamita Gupta & V.S.K.M,Mugalsarai  Abstract namitagpt047@gmail.com
216.Issues of Human Development Index: Weights and Scaling---2812ranjeeta@gmail.com
217.Poverty and Child Malnutrition in Orissa Sasmita Jena  Abstractsasmitajona@gmail.com
218.Poverty And Commercialization Of Forest Resourceses, A Threat To Tribal Society P.M Nanda & P.R. Sahoo  Abstractpmnand@gmail.com
219.Living Environment in Slums and Prevalence of Acute respiratory Infection among Children in Eight Selected Cities of India Dr. Chandrasekhar & Prof. R. B. Bhagat  Abstractcshekhar09@gmail.com
220.Is Poverty Leads To Gender Violence: A Sociological StudyDr. A.G.Khan , Sateesh Gouda & S Nuzhat Jahan  Abstractagkhan_umar@yahoo.co.in
221.Janani Suraksha Yojana and Status of Women Health: A Case Study of Allahabad District Shilpi Tiwari  Abstracttiwari_shilpi1982@rediffmail.com
222.Social Exclusion and Globalization: Need for the Convergence Dr. Sabat Kumar Digal & Dr. Ankta Gupta  Abstractsabat_digal@yahoo.com
223.National Rural Health Mission. Does it bring health equity? Dr.S.Ravichandran, & Dr. J.Joseph Durai Selvam,  Abstracth ravichandranprc@gmail.com
224.Awareness And Prevalence Of Reproductive Health Among Unmarried Adolescents In India: Evidences From NFHS-3 Monorisha  Abstractmono.jnu@gmail.com
225.A Study On The Measurement Of Tribal Poverty:Construction Of Tribal Quality Life IndexO.B.Pramod Kumar,  Abstract
226.High Risk of Pregnancy Complications with Severe Anemia in India: Evidences from NFHS-III Mousumi  Abstractgogoi.mousumi2008@gmail.com
227.Childhood Immunization in India: Poor Performance and Gender Differentials Amrita Gupta & T.V. Sekher   Abstractamritagupta7@gmail.com
228.Environmental Law Shashi Kala ,Vinod Meena  Abstractniyva.net@rediffmail.com
229.Psycho Social Problems Of Women: With Special Reference To Agricultural Rural Women Archana Sharma  Abstractarchana.1377@rediffmail.com
230.Influence of Household Poverty on Women Health in two selected states: NFHS-3 data Analysis C.P.Prakasam  Abstractprakasam60@gmail.com
231.Gender discrimination in child nutrition by place of residence in Punjab A study from NFHS-3 Niranjan Rout  Abstractjnuniranjan@gmail.com
232.A Statistical Analysis on the Understanding of the Distribution of BPL card and the effect of different socio-economic variables on Health Status of Women in India Manoranjan mohapatra  Abstract manoranjanmohapatra.jnu@gmail.com
233.Poverty, development and HIV/AIDS: Exploring the potential linkages Ravi Prakash  Abstractravistats@gmail.com
234.Are women more vulnerable? An assessment of Gender Disparity in overweight/obesity prevalence in India Mohd Shannawaz, P. Arokiasamy & Mohd Shannawaz  Abstract shahnawaziips@gmail.com
235.Social Work Intervention with Socially Excluded People Dr. Ruchi,   Abstractruchi.shrivastava31@gmail.com
236.Impact of Women's Empowerment, Autonomy and Attitude on the Utilization of Maternal Health Services among Poor and Non-Poor Women in Uttar Pradesh Divya Tiwari  Abstractdivyatiwari_jnu@yahoo.in
237.Environmental Degradation And Right to Health Vinod Meena & Shashi Kala  Abstractgajanlal@gmail.com
238.Gender Bias in Child Nutrition, Health Status and Health Care: Impact of maternal factors. Archana Kujuri and Sulabha Parasuraman  Abstract archana_ark@hotmail.com
239.Health Equity and Deprivation among Meitei-Pangal Women of Manipur Rajiya Shahani  Abstractraziya.amu@gmail.com
240.Reproductive Health Status of Rural Women : A Study of Bargarh District in Odisha Dr Srimati Nayak , Ms. Mamata Meher:   Abstractsri1003@rediffmail.com
241.Impact of Male Sexual Dsfunction on Sexually Transmitted Diseases Anindita Chowdhury  Abstractaninditachwdhry@gmail.com
242.Perceptions And Reasons Regarding Non - Utilisation Of Family Planning Methods Among Rural Men: A Cross Sectional StudyDr.B.H.Patil  Abstractdrbhimg@gmail.com
243.Estimating Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) in India and its states: Is the time and place of data collection matters? Prashant Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumar Rai and Lucky Singh   Abstract prashants.geo@gmail.com
244.Perception Of Menstrual Hygiene In Rural Settings Of TamilnaduA.K.Ravishankar T.Puglenthi   Abstract oviyaa1997@yahoo.co.in
245.Dynamics and Perspectives of high user-ship of Traditional Family Planning Methods in West Bengal, India: Failure of Family Planning Program or Poor Health System DeliveryShrabanti Sen and Prof. F. Ram   Abstractshrabantisen@gmail.com
246.Socio-Economic Status and Health of the Bishnupriya Manipuris of Cachar District, Assam Bhubon Mohan Das and Subrata K. Roy  Abstractbmohan07@gmail.com
247.Role of microfinance in poverty alleviation in India: a critical analysis. Prof. Ansuman Chatterjee  Abstract c_ansuman@yahoo.com
248.Does Women's age Matter in the Utilization of Health Care Services during Pregnancy? Lucky Singh   Abstractlucky_5bhu@yahoo.com
249.Health, Poverty & Human Development Deepak Singh  Abstractdospace.mit@gmail.com
250.Understanding the magnitude of social class inequalities in Child Undernutrition in India, 1992-2005 Praveen Kumar Pathak  Abstractpkp_pathak@rediffmail.com
251.Poverty issues among Women in Sex work in two selected states S. Radhakrishnan  Abstracts.radhakrish@gmail.com
252.Causes and Consequences of Poverty in IndiaDr.Pramod Kumar Gupta  Abstractpkgupta_71@rediffmail.com
253.Factors Affecting Unintended Pregnancy of Reproductive Health: Comparison Between Bangladesh and West Bengal Tapan Kumar Roy,   Abstractroy.tapan@gmail.com
254.The Prevalence Of Chronic Diseases And Quality Of Life Among Elderly Women In Tiruvananthapuram Anusha A &Dr. P Mohanachandran Nair  Abstract comaanusha.81@gmail.com
255.Public Expenditure On Health And Education – In The Context Of Human Resource Development In Andhra PradeshDr. Madhu Babu Kadimi   AbstractMail
256.Rural-Urban Disparity in Health in India Shrividya Malviya  Abstractsvmalviya@gmail.com
257.Impact of Women's Employment on Fertility:A Comparative study of Two Indian states Deepshikha Tarai  Abstract deepshikha.tarai@gmail.com
258.A multi-strategic approach to deal with cases of domestic violence Jenny Salam  Abstract
259.Supportive Supervision For Comprehensive Child Survival Programme: A Case Study Of Aligarh District Prof. Noor Mohammad ,Afzal Sayeed,  Abstractafzind@yahoo.com
260.Poverty and its consequences on Women and Children HealthDr.J.Joseph Durai Selvam, Dr.S.Ravichandran, Dr. J. Joseph Durai Selvam   Abstractjosephjoedurai@rediffmail.com
261.Poverty Alleviation and Human Development Roles for Social Workers Dr.K.Anbu,  Abstract anbucovai@gmail.com
262.UNDP And Poverty Reduction Initiatives In India Dr. Santosh Kumar Mishra,  Abstractdrskmishrain@yahoo.com
264.Gender Inequality and economic development: A case for women entrepreneurship Pranav kumar, Namita kumara   Abstract pranav.k78@gmail.com
265.Inequities in Maternal Health and Service Utilization: Evidence from NFHS and DLHSDr Lalitendu Jagatdeb , Ms Parul Sharma  Abstract lalitendu@popfound.org
264.Differentials in Housing and Household Amenities and Assets in Karnataka K N M Raju, Kripa Keshav   Abstract rajuknm@yahoo.com
264.Astudy on nutrition programme for the Srilankan refugee women and children living in indiaDr.M.Ubaidullah   Abstract ubaidullahm@rediffmail.com