MARCH 5 to 7, 2010

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List of Oral Presentation List

1 Globalization & Inclusive Growth: An Indian Perspective V. Rama Krishna, Dr. Sindhe Jaganath. R & Maruthi
2 Efficacy & Trends in Poverty eradication: An Inclusive and exclusive growth Dr. Sindhe Jagannath R , V. Rama Krishna & Maruthi Kumar ,
3 A Threatening Scenario of Poor Female Child-Today Priyanka
4 Impact of Poverty on Dalit women of India Jhilam Rudra
5 Marble Mining and Processing in Southern Rajasthan: Economic Development and Health Problems Bhomik
6 Effectiveness of self instructional module on HIV/AIDS for a group of high school children Mr.Rajendra.K,
7 AIDS and HIV as Social Problem Mamta singh
8 Literature Review on Poverty and HIV/AIDS: Measuring the Socio and Economic Impacts on House-holds Seema Kumari, &Prof. Noor
9 A Sociological Study on Reproductive Tract Infection and Treatment Seeking Behaviour among the Rural Women Taniya Mojumder,
10Malnutrition among the Santhals mothers & Infant Mortality Mrs Anjana
11Garden cress: A rejuvenating food stuff Sheel Sharma & Nidhi
12Assessment of different aspects of stress in adolescent girls Parul Tripathi & Manisha
13Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of menstrual hygiene among secondary school girls of urban area Belgaum District: A Cross sectional study Vijayalaxmi S.N & Wantmutte A.S
14 Sustainability in Supportive Supervision Makes the Difference on Service Providers of Routine ImmunizationK. Ravindraiah Reddy, Dr.P.Ramachandran, Dr.V.Chandrasekhar,
15HIV/AIDS- Beyond NumbersVarun
16A Study for understand menstrual hygiene practices and the factors affecting these practices among the girls in Pune University Hostel.Dr. Savita D.B.& Dr. Vishal
17 Health Problem in Urban Slums: A Study of Varanasi Slums Mamta singh & Ramdhani Pol
18Social Profile of HIV/AIDS Patients Attending ART Center at Dharwad District.A Cross-sectional Study Dr.Mylarappa Y Basapur, A S
19Health care for aged: In the changing society Deepika
20Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among the Adolescents in Belgaum city: A cross-sectional study. Tika Ram
21 Minimize Complexity In Human Development Assessment Aided Sustainable Policy And System Practice Approach: A special reference to Sonebhadra District Dr. Devendra Kumar
22Rural Women, Poverty, Natural Resources and Health. G Shankar ,
23Gender Inequalities and Health of Indian Women: A Survey of Literature Mujahid
24Air pollutants hitting hardest the Urban Slums in North Kolkata Asmita Bhattacharyya,
25Issue of HIV/AIDS and Women’s Right to Health Care Mr.M.Chellamuthu chella-jothi @
27Environmental Degradation and Health Dr. Kanchan
28 Development of food product incorporation of broccoli powder to maintain mother and child nutritional status Mrs. Ekta Singh, & Km. Sarita,
29Behavioural Problems In Children With Nephrotic Syndrome: A Socio-economic Perspective Aishvarya
30 Poverty and Nutritional level of Women and Child in India: An Interrelationship Ajay
31Capability Deprivation as Exclusion: The case of Indian Muslims Rajeev Kumar
32 Empowerment and Health: A Feministic perspective Naresh KumarSonkar & Sujeet Kumar Singh
33The Lost Childhood Shivangini Kar & Rajesh Singh
34Multi-Level Determinants Of Regional Variations in Infan mortality In India: A State Level Analysis Shamindra Nath
35Does interface between Tuberculosis and HIV has impact on diseases trend and pattern? Shreeparna Ghosh & Usha Ram
37Garden cress: A rejuvenating food stuff Nidhi
38 Human Development Of India-Issues Relating To Education And Health .Myilsamy & P.Periyasamy
39 Sexual And Reproductive Health Behaviour Of Unmarried Women In Trivandrum District, Kerala. Ms.
40Development of scoring system to screen the HIV cases at community level Ajay
41Urbanisation, Industrialisation And Air Pollution In India Prachi
42Bringing Basic Human Rights To Tsunami Affected Children In India Sunitha Kuppuswamy & P. B. Shankar
43Impact of Household Environmental Factors on Morbidity among Children under Age Five in India Vipul Vaibhav
44Women and Child Nutrition and Poverty Eradication: The Case of a Tribal Area of Maharashtra State. Daksha C.Parmar & Rahul S. Sapkal
45 Infant Mortality in Uttar Pradesh: Level, Trends and Determinants Harinam Singh.
46Industrialization And Health Vulnerability Of Marginal Groups(A Case Study Of Western Odisha) Mr. Narayan
47Rural Women –Threat Of Cervical Cancer (A Study On Efficacy Of Mass Screening) Subramanyam D ,Prof. Ch.
48Women’s Empowerment and Child Nutrition: Evidence form National Family Health Survey – 3 Archana
49Anti-retroviral treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in poor countries: Some strategies for promoting access Dr Sadhana Srivastava and Dr K. Satyanarayana
50Awareness of Reproductive and Sexual Health Services at Public Health Facilities among Men in Tamil Nadu Ramesh Chellan,
51Gender Inequality In Food Consumption Among Lower Standard In Madhya Pradesh Debashrita NAMEchatterjee2983@
52Quality Of Housing And Basic Amenities In Million Plus Cities In India 1991-2001 Vinod Kumar
53title ---Smrutirekha Samal
54Impact of Globalization on Poverty in India Dr. Priti
55Poverty Alleviation through Rural Credit – Role of NGO’s Dr.Y.Ashok
56Assessment of Socio Economic Health and Environmental Conditions of Tribes Dr. G.Narasimha Rao , Dr. Syeda Azeem Unnisa and Prof. AVS. Prabhakar Rao
57Differentials In Menstrual Practice Among Rural And Urban Adolescent Of Tamilnadu Rejoice.P.R & P.Sujith,
58Social Exclusion, poverty and Microfinance Gautam Kumar
59Voices of the affected people:- A of displaced people from Yamuna pushta relocated in Bawana J J colony in Delhi.Vishavpreet
60 Determinants of Child Anemia and Susceptibility of Anemic Children to Infectious Diseases in South India Dr. Suresh Kumar.S and
61Working Children, Health And Their Rights Balaramalingam
62Environment Impact Assessment in India : A Critical Review
63Familial and Social Support for families with Mentally Retarded Children P. Vijayalakshmi & Dr. B. Nalini,
64Rethinking Gender: A Debate On Project Based Approaches Manjushree Panda, Sucharita Mishra and Pradeep K.
65Impact of Health Insurance on Accessing Health Care Utilization: An evidence from Urban India Anuradha Mondal
66A Study of Medical Emergencies among Elderly population in Andhra Pradesh, India. Anuradha Dubey
67A Model Health Facility For Providing Inclusive And Comprehensive Health Care Package To Urban Population In North India Dr Vikas
68Impact Of The Fsws Health Behaviour On Hiv,Stds & Rtis Abhinav Singh
69Exploring the Impact of Migration on Fertility in India: Evidence from NFHS-3 Ms. Lucky
70Trauma related Emergencies among children (0-15 years) Attended by GVK-EMR in Andhra Pradesh Vibha
71wareness of family planning among the women of slum area of Lucknow city(The study on the married women of Reproductive age) Shivangi
72Youth In The Prevention And Control Of Hiv/Aids Kushal Singh
73Adolescent Policy- Need of the Hour Sunitha Ranjan,
74Environmental Degradation and Health Ms. Shazia Parween,
75Women and Occupations hazards in the cottage industries of Birbhum Dr Sharmistha
76Health Care through Woman health Volunteer - “ASHA”-A Critical analysis from Orissa Perspective under NRHM Sucharita
77Level and Trend of Infant and Child Mortality in South and Southeast Asia: A Programme Perspective. Bornali Dutta and Prof. F.
78Environmental Degradation and Health Ms. Shazia Parween,
79Poverty-A Social Phenomenon And The Road Ahead DR.P.S .Tripathi & Shweta Dikshit
80 Impact of Regionalism on Empowerment of Tribal Women in India Shweta Dikshit
81 Changing Population Age Structure and Economic Development in India. Debasis
82Poverty, HIV/AIDS and its Influence on Human Development: A Review Analysis Anil Kumar
83Convergence and Divergence Patterns of Morbidity Prevalence in India and Major States Suryakant Yadav & Prof. P. Arokiasamy
84Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) in India: meeting the nutritional status of women and children?" Nabanita Majumder
85A Relative Comparison of States Post Sarva Siksha Abhiyan(SSA) Anand Prakash
86Gynaecological and Obstetric Morbidity among Rural Indian Women and their Treatment-Seeking Behaviour Ms. Rachana Patel
87Understanding Perceived Health Conditions Of The Rural Elderly – A Case Study For Nadia District Moumita Ghosh,
88A Study On Socio- Economic And Health Issues Of Transgender Ms.Alphonsa George, & Ms. M.Jaya Bharathi,
89A Study of Obstetric Morbidity in India: Evidence from Reproductive and Child Health Survey Santosh Kumar
90Diabetes and its impact on Quality of life of cities in South India Hemalatha
91Infant And Preschool Child Feeding Practices: A Comparative Study In Some Selected Urban And Slum Area Of Rourkela, Odisha Shanta Badaik and Reshma
92 Oral Hygiene Practices Among 12-14 Year Old Rural School Children Of Kinaye Village- A Cross Sectional Study Jagannath P, Ankola A, Angolkar M Dr Jagannath
93Globalisation And Welfare State:A Case Study Of Kalignar Insurance Scheme For Life Saving Treatments In Tamilnadu.D. Tamilarasu,
94Determinants of RTI/STI and treatment seeking behavior among currently married rural women in India Prakash Malin, Akash Wankhede & Prof. Balram
95Equity in Tribal Education?Need for a Liberative Pedagogy for Development (A case study in Nilgiri Hills of Tamilnadu) Dr. G.
96 Gender Inequalities In Health Seeking Behaviors Among The Four Primitive Tribes Of Nilgiri Hills In Tamil Nadu Dr. K. Sasicoumar Brumot
97 Exclusion Of Dalits – Need For Inclusive Polices: A Social Work Pespective Dr.Allu Gowrisankar Rao,
98 Socio-Economic conditions influenced on the PLHIV/AIDS among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Andhra Pradesh Dr. S. Krishna Reddy, & Prof. M. Ubaidullah,
99 Health, Human Rights and Poverty Reduction Strategies Pankaj Bansiwal
100Health and Poverty among the PLHIV, marginalized Group/communities Vijayalakshmi Mone
101Couple Interaction and Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Uttar Pradesh Brijesh P. Singh ,, K.K. Singh & Neha
102Conditions of Slums in Metropolitan Cities in India: A Study of Eight Cities Based on National Family Health Survey (2005-2006) Sujata Ganguly and R. B. Bhagat
103Domestic Worker, Gender And Health A. Blessie
104Women’s Reproductive Health and Critical Analysis of Government Policies and Programmes. U.Kalpagam
105Quality of Life of Female Migrants in Urban Slums Ms. Soumya Mohanty
106Noise Pollution :A Threat to Environmental Health and Ways to Mitigate the Issue” Tarannum
107Socio-economic determinants of health inequalities among elderly: Evidences from India Anamika
108Caste, Poverty and Child Health: A comparative study of Orissa and Maharashtra Sibabrata
109Psycho Social Problems Of Women: With Special Reference To Agriculturl Rural Women Archana
110Occupational Health And Safety Among The Women (Construction) Workers In Puducherry Dr.R.Nalini and R.Kumuthavalli
111Socio-economic and health condition of elderly people: A case study of varanasi Snehil pandey & Dr Priti singh
112The Process Of Health Planning And Expenditure In India Laxmiputra N. Doddamani
113A Study on the Determinants of Antenatal Care in the BIMARU States of India Dr. Khangembam Bimolata Devi & Mr. K. Ajeesh Kumar
114A Study Of Passenger Flow To Aizawl City By Using Law Of Retail Gravity Mr.H.Laldinmawia.
115Gender Inequalities In Health And Human Development:-In Reference To Recession Ambika Dutta,
116A Study on Occupational hazards and Human Rights issues of Petrol bunk employees with special reference to Puducherry region. Vijai
117Environmental Degradation And Health Threats – Emerging Trends Worldwide Dr. S. C. Jhansi
118Poverty and Adult Mortality in India with implications for Human Development Sriya Iyer and K.S. James
119Air Pollution: Sources, Effects on Health & Remedial Measures Dr.Naseem Ahmad
120Health, Poverty and Human development Interrelationships Hemant kumar Varun,