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University of Lucknow
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Conference: 21-23, NOVEMBER 2014
Pre ConferenceWorkshop : 18-20, NOVEMBER,2014
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Theme:Health, Gender and Development: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives

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The Indian Association of Social Sciences and Health (IASSH)is a registered society. The major objectives of IASSH are to bring together scientists, research scholars, practitioners, and policy makers from various disciplines in one forum to explore and work in the areas of social and cultural dimensions of illness, health and health care in the country, to strengthen networking with similar organizations in India and abroad, linking social scientists, health scientists, health activists and policy makers and to initiate measures to evolve an equitable health care system in the country through appropriate and affordable health sector reforms. VISIT:IASSH webstie

The Objectives

  • Knowledge sharing of research results and experience relating to social aspects of Health ,Social change and Development
  • Identifying the issues and assessing the current status of Health and human Development
  • Evolving suitable methods for measuring the Interrelation between Health system, transition leading to development of the society
  • Dissemination of new theories and policies to address emerging issues of Health system and suggest stratagies leading to social Development
  • To understand interrelations between Health and Industrial development leading to social change

Symposia Themes

  • S1. Health and Development Policies
  • S2.Health and Well-being
  • S3.Gender and Developmental Issues
  • S4.Social Change and Development
  • S5.Health and Development: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives

Topics of Technical Sessions:

    S1.Health and Development Poicy:
  • T1. Health Policies and Programs
  • T2. Health and Epidemiological Transition
  • T3. Health Financing and Health Insurance
  • T4. Health Care Systems, Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
    S2. Health and Well-beibg
  • T5. Public Health and Sanitation
  • T6. Health and Elderly care
  • T7. Millennium Development Goals and Health Care in India
  • T8. Migration and Urban Health
  • T9.Reproductive and Child Health issues
    S3. Gender and Developmental Issues
  • T10. Women Empowerment and Development
  • T11.Female Deficit and Emerging Challenges in India
  • T12. Gender dimensions of Health Care
  • T13. Policies and Programs for Empowering Women
  • T14. Gender based Violence and Implications
    S4. Social Change and Development
  • T15. Urban Health and Economic Development
  • T16. Social Change and Rural Development
  • T17. Social and Economic Disparities in Health
  • T18. Social Justice and Inclusive Development
    S5. Health and Development: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
  • T19. Social and Economic Determinants of Health
  • T20. Health Infrastructure and Manpower Development
  • T21. Historical dimensions of developing health care systems
  • T22. Health Sector development and reforms in Uttar Pradesh
  • T23. Maternal and Child Health care services in Uttar Pradesh

Topics to be covered in the Pre-conference Workshop:

Introduction to Social Science Research, Selection of Research Problem, Approaches in Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Methods of Collection of Qualitative and Quantitative Data, Development of Tools, Quantitative Data Analysis using SPSS, Qualitative Data Analysis using Atlas-ti, Writing Research Proposal, Thesis writing, Presentation Skills, Ethics in Social Research

Call for Abstracts:

Abstract of papers are invited on topics relevant to the Technical Themes from those researchers who want to present papers at the conference. You can submit abstracts online at: http://www.iassh.org/onlineabstract.aspx

Youth Best Paper Award:

We will announce awards for best two research papers for the young scholars (less than 30 years of age). These should be single authored research papers. Interested young scholars are encouraged to mention clearly therein "For Young Scientist Research Paper Award" and submit their abstract online only, by visiting following link: http://www.iassh.org/onlineabstract.aspx
We will announce awards for best two research papers for the young scholars (less than 30 years of age). These should be single authored research papers. Interested young scholars are encouraged to mention clearly therein "For Young Scientist Research Paper Award" and submit their abstract online only, by visiting following link: http://www.iassh.org/onlineabstract.aspx

Submission of Abstracts: closed

Registration Fees:

Non-Refundable Registration Fee
Type of ParticipantsEarly Bird :
October 31,2013
Late Registration:
December 10, 2013
Spot Registration
1. Conference Registration Fee: (Per person):::
Member Rs.1500Rs.2000 Rs.3500
Non MembersRs.3000Rs.3500Rs.4000
Accompanying Person (Spouse and Children)**Rs.1500Rs.1750Rs.2000
2. Pre-Conference Workshop Registration fee:::
With accommodationRs.1000Rs.2000Rs.3000
Without accommodationRs800Rs.1000Rs.3000
3.Overseas Participants$100$120$150
Note: Preference will be given to M.Phil/Ph.D scholars with basic understanding of research methods for the pre-conference workshop registration.
**Efforts will be made to accommodate the Accompanying Person/s if registered earlier.Children above 5 years will be considered as accompaying person.

Registration fee Payment:

Filled Registration form along with Non Refundable fee by DD drawn in favour of INDIAN ASSOCIATIION FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HEALTH or AT PAR cheque or MULTY CITY CHEQUE payable at Mumbai to be sent to the following address:
Dr. D.P.Singh, (Treasurer, IASSH), Chair Person & Professor, Centre for Research Methodology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai-400088 dpsingh1212@gmail.com

Those who want more comfortable accommodation can stay in nearby hotels on payment basis for which the Local Organizing Committee will extend their co-operation.

Download:Registration Form  

Travel Grant:

Travel Grant may be awarded to PRESENTERS of selected abstracts (ORAL or POSTER PRESENTATION or PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP participant) which include to and fro second-class rail fare. All the participants are requested to explore the possibility of obtaining TA/DA from their organizations, which will facilitate participation of more young scholars. Decisions regarding the award of travel grants rest with the review committee and depends upon the availability of funds.

Important Dates

AUGUST 25,2014:Last date for receiving Abstract/s.
SEPTEMBER 5, 2014: Intemation of acceptance of abstracts & Travel Grant .
SEPTEMBER 30,2014: Last Date for payment of Conference and Pre Conference Registration Fee.
OCTOBER 30,2014: Submission of Full paper

Web site:http://www.iassh.org  ||   http://iassh.blogspot.com  e-mail:   iassh2014conf@gmail.com  ||  

Conference Organizing Committee:

Prof. S.B. Nimse,
Vice Chancellor,University of Lucknow,

Organising Secretray
Prof. M.K. Agarwal
G.L. Gupta Institute of Public Health
University of Lucknow

Organizing Joint Secretary
Dr. Bimal Jaiswal
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Economics,
University of Lucknow

Conference Secretariat
G.L. Gupta Institute of Public Health
Second Campus, University of Lucknow
Sitapur Road, Jankipuram
LUCKNOW- 226 021 (India)
Mobile: +91-9415102107 , 8417055590


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