DATE: 11-13 FEBRUARY, 2011
DATE: 8-10 FEBRUARY 2011

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TECHNICAL SESSION:T1: Health Transition and Human Development:Date 11/2/2011 Time: 2.15 P.M. to 3.30 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
1.27. P. Murugesan: Health, Environment and Sustainable Development in India: Present Situationaasai_muru@yahoo.com
2.30. V. Jagadeesh: Health Transition and Human Development: A Case Study Of Lamani Tribe in Bellary District, Karnataka,drvjagadeesh@gmail.com
3.52. Rajaratnam Abel: Emerging principles governing sustainable development, abel_rajaratnam@hotmail.com
4.96. Pradeep Kumar & Parna Chakraborty: Right to Health, Environment and Sustainable Development, pradeep9450245771@gmail.com,   prernach7@gmail.com
5.149. R.R.Jyothi, K.Murugaiah & R.Prasantha Kumar: Sustainable Development In India: Perspectives & Approaches
6.142. R.Madhumathi & K.Anuradha: Health Transition and Enhancement of Health among Children with Mental Retardation,reddim.madhumathi@gmail.com tirupati.komanduriradha@gmail.com
7.108. K.Suneetha & A.Kusuma: Health: Sustainable Development of the Elderly, suneethak2007@rediffmail.com
8.314. P.Mohanachandran Nair& Anjana.A: Population, Health, Environment and Development, pmohanachandran@yahoo.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T2-A: Environment, Nutrition and Health:Date 11/2/2011 Time: 2.15 P.M. to 3.30 P.M

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
9.5.Nilanjana Chakrabarty & Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee: Basic Household Facilities and its Impact on Public Health - A district level Analysis of Assam, debnilanjana12@gmail.com, dibyojyoti.bhattacharjee@gmail.com
10.8. Alluri V.N.Varma, J.Chandra Prasad, Y.Rama Krishna: Food and Nutrition Security Status in India avnvarma@gmail.com
11.23. Nidhi Agarwal & Sheel Sharma: Garden cress: An untapped environmentally sustainable foodstuff and health enhancer, agarwalnidhi86@gmail.com
12.26. Gunnar Jacks: Zinc deficiency in soils, crops and human intake – an example from Mali in West Africa, gunnjack@kth.se
13.**60. N. Murugesan:Environmental Determinants of Human Health and Health Care Practices: A Regional Perspective,murugesan.n@ifpindia.org
14.83. Manju S Nair: Traditional Environmental Health Hazards and Scope for Policy Intervention: A Case Study of Island Community in Kerala ,meetmanjunaidu@yahoo.com
15.86. Debarati Sarkar: Human Development, Poverty, Health & Nutrition in India: A Situational Analysis, ds4sleek@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T2-B: Environment, Nutrition and Health:Date 11/2/2011 Time: 3.30 P.M. to 4.45 P.M

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
16.122. Pragati:Environment, Nutrition and Health of Women among Teen-Vanniyars of Puducherry pgathirajkumar@yahoo.co.in
17.145. Jalaja Kumari.D & B.Babatha: Health And Nutritional Status of Preschool Childrenjalaja9krishna@yahoo.com
18.166. A. K. Bordoloi & Y.Fakey: Health Problems And Nutritional Status Among Tea Garden Population Of Assam- With Special Reference To The Tea Gardens Of Tinsukia District In Assam anjan09kb@rediffmail.com yfakey@rediffmail.com
19.256. Niranjan Rout: Health Inequality in Urban Area: A Comparative Study of Nutritional Status between the Children living in Slum and Non Slum area of Eight Cities in India, jnuniranjan@gmail.com
20.304. Neelu Singh & N. Audinarayana: Effect of Housing Environment on Morbid Conditions of the Elderly in an Urban Setting of Tamil Naduneelusingh2000@yahoo.com,  audinarayana.bu@gmail.com
21.308. Rekha S Bavadekar & Ragini A Dumawat: The effects of Environment and Nutrition on Health, raginidumawat@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T2-C: Environment, Nutrition and Health:Date 11/2/2011 Time:5.00 P.M. to 6.15 P.M

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
22.1.Kalapatapu Ravikiran Sharma, Mrs. Kalpana Toran: An exploratory analysis of school health environment in elementary schools of Hyderabad kalapatapu@iitbombay.org
23.18. Yavnika Tanwar: Social Determinants of Anaemia in Urban Adolescent Girls and Women in India, yavnika@cehat.org
24.325. B. Suguna Reddy & T. Purushotham Naidu: Women and Environment Protection, ravindrakumar.vk@gmail.com
25.334.M. Ramakrishna Reddy:Impact of iron supplementation on the learning process: a preliminary observation at a high school in a rural areamrreddy@dataone.in
26.260. Komal Chauhan, Sheel Sharma & Bhushan Chauhan: Role of Nutrition in Environmental Chemical Toxicity and Chronic diseases, shivam_kim@yahoo.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T3-A: Climate Change and its impact on Population and Health:: Date 11/2/2011 Time: 2.15 P.M. to 3.30 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
27a.M.S.R. Murthy:Does climate change affect human health? Or is sustainable development a convenient,msrmurthy2001@gmail.com
27b.6. Sandhya k. Ramakrishnan: Adaptation cost for climate change related cases of diarrhoea and malaria in 2030 for India,sandhyakr@tiss.edu
28.24. Sheikh Md. Monzurul Huq: Climate change and its impact on population and health in Bangladesh,monzurulh@gmail.com
29.32. Nayakar Honnurswamy: Climate change and impact on population and health,honnuswamy@rediffmail.com
30.33. Soory Vennila: Gender And Climate Change: A Participatory Analysis of the Potential Impact in Tamil Nadu,soorya_vennila@yahoo.co.in
31.51. K.P. Vipin Chandran: Climate change and its impacts on human health: Need for Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies,kpvipinchandran@gmail.com
32.56. Talwar Sabann & B.P.Bulla : Climate Change, Health And Adaptation: Man At Cross-Roads,sabannatalwars@rediffmail.com
33.61. Mumtaz Fatima: Climate Change and Its Impact on Women’s Health in Slum Area,mumtaz_krmr@yahoo.co.in

TECHNICAL SESSION:T3-B: Climate Change and its impact on Population and Health:: Date 11/2/2011 Time: 3.30 P.M. to 4.45 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
34.64. Sadhana G. Mathad: The impact of Climate Change on Human Health,mathadsadhana36@yahoo.in
35.93. P Khuraisha Beevi &. R. Jayasree: Resurgent Vector-Borne Diseases A Health Problem Of Kerala, kuruhameed@rediffmail.com
36.102. A.Myilsamy: Climate Change And Oral Health: Current Challenges And Future Scope, camseco@gmail.com
37.125. V.Sowbhagya Rani, K.UmaDevi & G.IndiraPriyadarsini: Climatic Changes Are Manifestly Pandemic - Needs Commitment towards Mitigation, rvidudala@gmail.com
38.126. S. R. Vincent Vijayaraj: Climate Change and Its’ Impact On Population And Health,vincentvijayaraj@yahoo.co.in
39.129. Somappa N.Megeri & Puneeth.V Prabhakar.C: Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agricultural Crops, megerisn@rediffmail.com
40.132. M Muniyandi: The impact of climate change on human population health,mmuniyandi@yahoo.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T3-C: Climate Change and its impact on Population and Health:: Date 11/2/2011 Time: 5.00 P.M. to 6.15 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
41.148.Ashraf Imam & Mohd. Taqi: Impacts of Climate Change and Environment on Sustainable Development in India, imamashraf1@rediffmail.com
42.156. Debasis Poddar & Sneha Goud: Ozone Depletion Syndrome on Human Health: Toward a Synergy of Development and Environment,debasis.calcutta@gmail.com   snehagoud.m@gmail.com
43.172. B.B. Shendage, Jockey Ghule & Anil Ghogare : Climate Change and its impact on Population and Health,swapnilstayade@yahoo.co.in
44.180. Maruthi kumar.R & Rama krishna.V: Climate Change and India :a development Analysis,maruthi_rai@rediffmail.com
45.245. S.Ponnarasu & R.Saravanan: Climate Change and its Impact on Population and Health, r.saravans@yahoo.in
46.275. Vinesh Kumar K.V: Climate Change and Its Impact on Health in India, vkvnair08@gmail.com
47.298. R. Ravi Kumar: Climate Change: A Concern on Trivialization of Human Health Care and its Impacts, raikode@in.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T4-A: Poverty and Pollution Interrelationships: Date 11/2/2011 Time: 3.30 P.M. to 4.45 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
48.16. Vijay Rakesh Reddy, S: Role Of Ornamental Plants In Pollution Control,balamurugan.eco@gmail.com
49.39.Sarvesh Rahate,Priya Gurav Tanuja Chandgude & Atul Ayare: Health Assessment through the study of Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Aerosols in Kolhapur City, sarveshrahate@gmail.com   piyagurav@rediffmail.com   tanujax11@gmail.com  atul_ayare@yahoo.com
50.65. V.Kalaiselvi & V.Janarthanan: Nutrition and Health Outcomes Associated With Food Insecurity And Hunger,--
51.98. Sujata Verma and Vandana Tamrakar: Electronic Waste in India"- A Case Study based on E-waste of Maharashtra,sujata_verma@scmhrd.edu
52.150. Megha Ganeshlal Jaiswal: Effect of Pollution on the People living in Aurangabad City" savitaghuge18@rediffmail.com
53.167. T.Shoba Sri, T. Shobasree, & K.Viswa Bhushan: Povert and Pollution Interrelation -Case Study in Phoolbahgh Slum in Vizianagaram Muncipality, bhushan_karanam@yahoo.com
54.193. Varun Sharma: Linkage between Urban Poverty and Social Capital,sharmavarun84@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T4-B: Poverty and Pollution Interrelationships: Date 11/2/2011 Time: 5.00 P.M. to 6.15 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
55.225. M.Veera Raghavalu: Poverty and Pollution in Backward ward areas of Karnataka State,raghavalu_veera@yahoo.com
56.238. Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei: Linkages between Poverty, The Built Environment And Rural Health: Situational Analysis Of How Housing Poverty And Sanitation Impact Disease Occurrence In Rural Ghana,princeosei2@hotmail.com
57.290. V. Rama Krishna, Sindhe Jaganath & Laxman Kawale: Poverty, Environment And Sustainable Development In India,rahul_rk2004@yahoo.co.in   sj_ramanna@yahoo.in
58.312. S.Balamurugan: Interrelationships Between Poverty and Industrial Pollution: From the Perspective of Small Scale Industries, balamurugan.eco@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T5-A: Water and Sanitation and its impact on HealthDate 12/2/2011 Time: 11.00 A.M. to 12.15

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
59.45. Leena Singh, S. K. Choudhary & P. K. Singh: Pesticide Concentration in Water and Sediment of River Ganga at Selected Sites in Middle Ganga Plain,leenaplato@gmail.com
60.58. J. John Alexander & B. Mahalingam : Drinking-Water Quality standards: Adopting a risk-benefit approach,bmm.ce@rmkec.ac.in
61.67. Ekta Singh: Drinking Water Quality In India: Issues And Approaches,ers_shyam@yahoo.co.in
62.101. Avinash Adinath Gore: Pollution of Drinking Water in Aurangabad City and its impact on Human Health, gavinash29@yahoo.com
63.162. Vijay Kumar : Ganga pollution in Varanasi,awadhesh.aks@gmail.com
64.189. Sanjit Sarkar: Water and Sanitation Coverage in West Bengal and Prevalence of Diarrhoea among Children, sanjit1986.2008@gmail.com
65.204. D. A. Nagdeve: Linkages between Water, Sanitation and Health in Empowered Action Group States of India,dnagdeve@iips.net  dnagdeve@yahoo.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T5-B: Water and Sanitation and its impact on HealthDate 12/2/2011 Time: 12.15 P.M. to 1.30 P.M

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
66.235. Shubhra Dwivedy,& Chandra Prabha Pathak: Improved Water and Sanitation and its Impact on Health in Tribal Villages of Jharkhand,seeds@xlri.ac.in
67.239. Ranjeeta: Water Crisis and Human Development in India, 2812ranjeeta@gmail.com,ranjeetajnu@gmail.com
68.262. Ankita Arya: Water and Sanitation and its Impact on Health: A Case Study of Siddi of Gujarat, India,ankitaapj@gmail.com
69.283. Rajarama K E T: Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation and its Impact on Childhood Diarrhoea in Karnataka: Evidences from DLHS-3,rajaramaket@yhoo.co.in
70.315. D. Sai Sujatha & K. Mokshanand: Impact of Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation in Determining the Health Status of Hostel Students in Srikakulam Town – A Comparative Study,moksha_anand75@rediffmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T6: Biodiversity and its impact on Health and LongevityDate 12/2/2011 Time 11.00 A.M. to 12.15 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
71.317. J. Balamurugan: Biodiversity and Its Impact on Human Health and Longevity, balasocio@gmail.com
72.3. Vipin Kumar & Gurdeep Singh: Impact studies of Coliform in Soil and on Surface of Salad Vegetables Grown Under Sewage Irrigation, vipinmicro1@gmail.com
73.9. R.C.Gupta: Taurine; the molecule of the millenium: in Environment Protection and Health Care,ramesh1954@indiatimes.com
74.37. S Gurunathan: Ecosystem-Nutrition Relationship And Diseases Emergence From Forest Biodiversity Disturbances,gurunath007@email.com
75.99. P.Periyasamy: A Case Study on the Role of Women in Utilization & Management of Renewable Energy Sources in Vadavalli Municipality, Tamilnadu,suryaprsm7@gmail.com
76.109. Sumana Bandyopadhyay: Citizens’ Preferences for Eco-friendly Urban Projects and Environmental Health in Kolkata,sumona_bm@yahoo.com
77.198.Kavita Sharma,Rita shabnam luka,Sandhya Lanjewar & Shaista Parveen: Biodeterioration of ancient monuments of Chhattisgarh,drktsharma@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T7-A: Urban Ecology and EnvironmentDate 12/2/2011 Time 11.00 A.M. to 12.15 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
78.35. Kavitha.R: A Study on Hazardous alcohol use in Urban Slum of Southern India: its Nature, Prevalence and Risk factors,kavithaaganesh@gmail.com
79.73. Preeti Misra & Alok Chantia: Right to Health and Vehicular Pollution in Urban Society – With Special Reference to the Motor Vehicles Act 1998,misra9_us@yahoo.com
80.84. Krishna Ch. Rath, Mithun Karmakar & Nihar Ranjan Das: Urban Growth and Issues in Accessibility of Health Care Services: A Case Study of Bhubaneswar in Eastern India,rath_kc@yahoo.co.in
81.90. Melinda Haydee Kovacs & Dumitru Ristoiu: Urban vs. Rural Pollutants Impact on Home Grown Vegetables and Animals – Evaluation of Their Effects on Inhabitants,haydee_kovacs@yahoo.com
82.92. Anandi Dantas: Mapping of urban health facilities in Maharashtra,anandi_dantas@yahoo.co.in
83.100. Harish Chandra: Urbanization, Health and Sustainable Development: A Study of Allahabad,hcchandra130@gmail.com
84.123. S.T.Bagalkoti, S.Sivanna & S.T.Bagalkoti and L.R.Angadi : Urban Environment and Health: Are Poor Households More Vulnerable,stbagalkoti@yahoo.com
85.138. D. D. Naik, Balaiah Donta, Umesh Iddya and Anil Bandivadekar: Knowledge and Perception of women in Urban Poor towards HIV/AIDS An Intervention Study,naikddndd@yahoo.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T7-B: Urban Ecology and EnvironmentDate 12/2/2011 Time 12.15 P.M. to 1.30 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
86.163. Awadhesh Kumar: Environment and Health in Urban Sector,awadhesh.aks@gmail.com
87.176. Deepti Singh: How Far the Rapid boosting of Urban Population Effect the Environment and Health in India,dsingh.singh87@gmail.com
88.201. Geoffrey I. Nwaka: Poverty And The Challenge Of Urban Environmental Health In Nigeria,geoffreynwaka@yahoo.com
89.237. Maryam Khabazi & Hooman Foroughmand araabi: The Role of Urban Design in Achieving Sustainability through Promotion of Sustainable Behaviors,gelareh_mm@yahoo.com  hoomanforoughmand@yahoo.com
90.242. Rajendra Singh & Ravi Verma: Role of Religious Sectors and NGO in Changing Negative Societal Norms: Method Currently being Utilized in an Urban Poor community Mumbai, India,rsingh@icrw.org
91.292. Bhatia V & Puri S: Inclusive And Comprehensive Health Care Package To Urban Slum Population In North India,----
92.332. A.Kameswara Rao: Urban health care in A.P with public private partnership,akrao43@yahoo.com
93333.M.Lakshmipathi Raju:Urban Ecology and Environmental Pollution:A Case Study of Waste Management Practices in Vizianagaram Town, Andhra Pradesh,laksmipatiraju@yahoo.com
94334.Rita Abbi: Environmental constraints and Health infrastructure in a New City - Navi Mumbai: Challenges met and opportunity seized in making the City Self-sustainableabbirita@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T8-A: Occupational and Environmental Health: Date 12/2/2011 Time 12.15 P.M. to 1.30 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
95.**4. Mr. Somenath Bhattacharjee: Environment, Occupation And Health: Emerging Issues And Challenges Among The Stone Crushers Of Balasan River Bed,bhattacharjee_somenath@rediffmail.com
96.#29.V Madha Suresh,T.W.M.T.W. Bandara & D.H.A.S.S.Perera Human and Environmental Impacts on Dust Tea Industry in Udunuwara Division - Sri Lanka,madhasuresh@yahoo.com
97.41. M. Nagavara Prasad & Biranchi Jena: Study on Burn Injury Emergencies reported to 108 Emergency Management Services in Andhra Pradesh, prasad_mnv@emri.inbiranchi_jena@emri.in
98.42. Sudarshan Verma & Priti Saxena: Industrial Waste Walloping Human Health with Special Reference to Water Pollution,saxena_priti@yahoo.co.in
99.43. S. Arunkumar & B. Geetha : Work Condition and Health Status among the Workers in Textile Industries – With Reference to Powerlooms in Erode District,arunkumarsdhmth06@gmail.com
100.74. P. Geetha: Occupational Health And Safety Of Informal Workers – A Case Study Of Street Vendors In Coimbatore,geegvg@googlemail.com
101.88. Mohammad Akram: Occupational Health of Migrant Construction Labourers in Western Uttar Pradesh, akram_soc@yahoo.co.in

TECHNICAL SESSION:T8-B: Occupational and Environmental Health: Date 12/2/2011 Time 2.30 P.M. to 3.45 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
102.115. S.Boopathi & M.Rameshkumar :Industrial pollution on potable water and the consequent impact on human health,somuboopathi@yahoo.co.in   ramesh.eco@gmail.com
103.119. K.Hymavathi : A study on Occupational health of women in Beedi making unit from vedurukuppam Mandal,hymavathi.kongara@gmail.com
104.195. R.P. Singh & Vipin Chandra Gupta: Physical and Mental Torture as Occupational Health of Migrated Brick-Kilns Labour Women, ravindrap4u@gmail.com   vipinecoread@gmail.com
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106.258. A.P.Senthil Kumar & K.Maharajan: Occupational Health Hazards Of Environmental Pollution With Reference To Tuticorin Industrial Housing Colony, speedthillai2009@gmail.com
107.307. V.Nagararajan Naidu: Occupational Health Status and Its Determinants among Working Women in Rural and Urban Areas,nagarajanaidu@yahoo.com
108.336.D.H.A.S.S.Perera, Madha Suresh & T.W.M.T.W.Bandara: Stone Grinding Industry and Its Impact on the Human Health Status in Biyagama South in Sri Lanka,dhass_perera@yahoo.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T9 : Natural Disasters and their impact on health:Date 12/2/2011 Time 2.30 P.M. to 3.45 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
109.46. H. Zarei Mahmoodabady, E.Morady & A.Moazamy: The Investigation of Effects Storm In destroy Of Agriculture Farms In Arid Zone (Case Study: maybod City) ------
110.131. B.P. Thiagarajan: Tsunami Impact On Livelihood And Housing In A Selected Districtponnmabla.thiagarajan@nielsen.com
111.147. Mohd. Taqi ,Ashraf Imam & M. Najmul Islam: Natural Disasters and their impact on health in India ,mohd_naqi786@rediffmail.com  mnajamul.islam@gmail.com
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114.261. Vaishali Talani & Vipra Talani: Natural Disaster and its impact on Health,vaishali.iihmrdelhi@gmail.com
115.278. Sasmita Jena: Impact Of Natural Disasters On Health, In Orissa,sasmitajona@gmail.com
116.306. G. Brahmananda Reddy & S.Vidyalatha: Natural Disasters & Impact on Health,vidya_lth@yahoo.co.in
117.313. Savithri Ramanujam: Understanding the Impact of Disasters on the Lives of Children and Youth,savithri.ramanujam@va.gov  cgr4384@aol.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T10-A : Interdisciplinary Research Challenges in EHD: Date 12/2/2011 Time 2.30 P.M. to 3.45 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
118.7. Subhash Chandra: Holistic Health, Environment, and Sustainable Development: Towards 21st Century,schandra101@gmail.com
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124.179. Jyotsna Paula Barla, Dr.Ms Subarnalata Sahoo: Impact Of Home Environment On Academic Achievement Of Tribal Adolescents,jyotsna987@gmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T10-B : Interdisciplinary Research Challenges in EHD: Date 12/2/2011 Time 3.45 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
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TECHNICAL SESSION:T10-C : Interdisciplinary Research Challenges in EHD: Date 12/2/2011 Time 3.45 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
133.222. Vishavpreet Kaur: Resettlement Versus Sustainable Development: - A Study of displaced women from various slums relocated in Bawana, Delhi. vishavpreetk@gmail.com
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139.268. Narendra Kumar Dundu: Health and Conservation in the Wildlife sanctuaries of India,narendra_dundu@hotmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T10-D : Interdisciplinary Research Challenges in EHD: Date 12/2/2011 Time 5.15 P.M. to 6.15 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
140.284. Anand N.L: Social Work Intervention in the Protection of Environment and Sustainable Development,ananda_koosu@rediffmail.com
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144.321. P. M. Sandhya Rani: Autonomy, Social Networking and Health Status of Tribal Adolescent Married Girls in Jharkhand, raju_prof@rediffmail.com

TECHNICAL SESSION:T 11: Vulnerability and Equity in Environment and HealthDate 12/2/2011 Time 3.45 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

S.NoAbstract Number and AuthorTitle of the Paper e-mail
145.25. Seema Awasthi & Chandr Kumari: Impact of Intervention Programme on Environment Friendly Behaviour among Adolescents seema_awasthi2005@yahoo.co.in
146.34. Hemanta Saikia & Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee: Measurement of Health Facilities in Assam: A District Level Analysis,h.saikia456@gmail.com   dibyojyoti.bhattacharjee@gmail.com
147.50. K.Ravindraiah Reddy, P.Ramachandran & V.Chandrasekhar: Sustainability in Supportive Supervision Makes the Difference on Immunization Coverage,krreddy62@yahoo.co.in
148.120. Anurodh Sen: Human Security: Measuring Human Dimension of Security, anurodh.sen@gmail.com
149.143. Sadhana Srivastava and K. Satyanarayana: Equitable access to health products in national emergencies: issues and concerns of sharing biological material for vaccines, sadhana_s@ymail.com
150.169. Ramaiah Itumalla: Vulnerability And Equity In Health: A Study Of Yavathmal District, Maharashtra,ramuhealthcare@gmail.com
151.186. Balaiah Donta, D. D. Naik, Umesh Iddya and Anil Bandivedekar: Enhancing Men involvement in HIV/AIDS Programme: An Intervention Strategy in urban Poor Community in Mumbai,bdonta2007@yahoo.co.in
152.219. M. N. Megeri, A.S. Kadi and Prakash Kengnal: Statistical Measures of Urbanization and Health of India,megeri_mn@rediffmail.com   prakash.kengnal@gmail.com

SPECIAL SESSION:I:Women,Health and Sustainable Development

SP1.1.Hema Bindu L, Pranay Krishna P, Reddy MVV, Thangaraj KS, Usha Rani P, Reddy PP:Role of Environmental factors in causation of congenital deafness reddypp99@yahoo.in
SP2.2.Shehnaz Sultana, Sindhu Joshi, Usha Rani. P, Reddy P.P: "Association of CYP1A1 gene polymorphism with Ischemic Stroke in South Indian population", reddypp99@yahoo.in
SP3.3.Usha Rani .P, D. Rani, Md Qudratullah Nasir, P. Pranay Krishna and P.P. Reddy: Stress, Anxiety and depression among Industrial employees -A cross sectional survey of Industrial Town, Tirupathi, reddypp99@yahoo.in
SP4.197. Vijayanthimala Kodali: Impact Of Internal Environment On Women's Health: Role Of Diet, kvjmala@yahoo.co.in
SP5.320: Chura Giri: Maternal Care Among Reproductive Women Of Margherita Town Of Assam, chura_giri@rediffmail.com
SP6.19. Dr. K .Gangadharan: Neglecting Women and Child Health Today's Evidence & Tomorrow's Agenda,drkgangadhran@gmail.com
SP7.152. Yasodhara: Livelihood changes - its effect on tribal women -Orissa, pyasodhara2000@gmail.com

Youth Research Paper Presenters Date 12/2/2011 Time 5.15 P.M. to 6.15 P.M.

Y1.11. T.SUBBA LAKSHMI:Determinants of Public Health Expenditure: an Empirical Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India tslakshmi1986@gmail.com
Y3.Ms Ashwini A. Dandappanavar:Health-seeking Behaviour and Delivery care among the Women of Jannath Nagar: An Urban slum of Dharwad town (Karnataka)ashwini_gypsy@yahoo.co.in
Y4.Priyanka Singh: Displacement-A Critical Situation for children priyankasociobhu@gmail.com
Y5.Snehil Pandey:Environmental Degradation and Our Consciousness: A Study Based on Youth of Varanasi snehilsocio@gmail.com
Y6.282.Nemthianngai Guite:International Protocol on Biodiversity: Health Impact and Concerns in Manipur thianguite@yahoo.co.in
Y7.Moumita PaulSystems’ approach to tackle impacts of climate changemissmoumita.paul@gmail.com
Y8.B.S Biradar: Health Insurance Literature Review Some Empirical Evidencesbhimub65@rediffmail.com
Y9.Mr. S.S Suvarnkhandi: Association for Social Health in Indiabhimub65@rediffmail.com