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DATE: 8-10 FEBRUARY 2011

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_Date:12/2/2011:POSTER SESSION-1:from 10.45 AM to 1 PM
1.2. Sanjeev Kumar Mishra and Nidhi MishraPhysical and Psychological Status of the Geriatric Population in Urban Varanasisanjeevmishra09@gmail.com
2.10. A.Indira, Does Health Expenditure of a State reflect Essential Public Health Functions? aindira1@rediffmail.com
3.11.T.Subba Lakshmi Determinants Of Public Health Expenditure: An Empirical Evidence From Andhra Pradesh, India tslakshmi1986@gmail.com
4.12. Akash & B. Paswan Nurse Midwives Opinion and attitudes toward Health and F.W Services: Case Study of Nanded district, Maharashtraakash.wankhede@gmail.com
5.14. Subhi Badarni Community Orientation And Promotion OF children falls at Home Among Arab Minority In Israelsobhe5@bezeqint.net
6.15. D.Jothivenkatesan, M. Thavamani & P.Rajkumar Commercial Sex Workers and their Health- A Sociological Study jothi_venkatesh04@yahoo.com eswar_rajkumar@yahoo.co.in
7.20. Dharmendra Sharma Epidemiological Transition in Uttar Pradesh: In the light of Abdel R. Omran’s perspective dharam.jnu@gmail.com
8.22. G.Dhanasekaran A study on awareness of HIV/AIDS among college students dhananigri@rediffmail.com
9.28. Sucharita Mishra Health care through Woman Health Volunteer- “ASHA”: A critical Analysis from Orissa Perspective under NRHM sucharita87@gmail.com
10.31. Shwetal Wankhade Pesticide consumption vs. Bt Cotton in Agriculture in India: Environmental and Trade issues shwetalwankhade@gmail.com
11.36. K Rajkokila and M V Usha Rani Buccal Cytome Assay And Mobile Phone Users kokenil@gmail.com
12.38. Priya Gurav and Atul Ayare Rapid Inventory Assessment Technique (RIAS): Addressing Road Traffic Pollution And Impact On Population And Health In Kolhapur City piyagurav@rediffmail.com  atul_ayare@yahoo.com
13.40. Ruchi Chaudhary and Navita Pareek: Development of Nutritious Khakare from Defatted,Soy Flour Incorporated with Dehydrated Drumstick Leaves Powder ruchichaudhary_4@yahoo.co.in
14.47. Hrudanand MisraHealth Status of Migrant Workers at Alang Ship-Breaking Yardhrudanandmishra@gmail.com
15.49. ArchanaNourishing recipes for infants from Horse Gram archana_cancerian@rediffmail.com
16.53. Hemant Kumar Varun Ravindra Kumar Health as a Right: A Legal Perspectivehemantvarun80@gmail.com
17.54. S.Shajithanoop & M.V. Usha RaniDemographic factors influence obesity in a semi–urban cohort of Coimbatore,Tamilnadushajithis@gmail.com
18.55.Proggya ghatak Livelihood strategies of the savara tribal community in West bengalproggyaghatak@ymail.com
19.56 Suresh Sharma Socio Economic Determinants of Full Immunisation in India,suresh@iegindia.org   
19.57 N.Trinadh Food Insecurity – Implications on Health and Nutrition in India
20.62 R. Manohar & Reddy Rupesh CharanImpact of Tasar Resham Dooth self help group system on socio-economic advancement and sustainable development of forest based tribals of Jharkhand dr.manohar1959@rediffmail.com
21.66 Mukta S. AdiNutrition Levels of Women in Indiamuktasadi@gmail.com
22.68 B. GeethaGirls’ Transition into Womanhood and Associated Socio Cultural Factors – A Study on Reproductive Healthgvignaa@gmail.com
23.69 Ananas KumarEffect of technology on enthusiasm for learning Environmental Science post – 1991ananash_kumar@yahoo.co.in
24.70 Ms.Priyadarshini Sahu & Savitri Nanda Inter generational changes in somatometric measurements of the Halua Brahmin and the Desia Kandha of Southern Odishasahu_priyadarshini@yahoo.co.in  savitri.nanda@rediffmail.com
25.71 R. Ramachandra Rao & D. Jothivenkatesan A SOciological study on the health status of aged people in Tiruchirappalli cityraavi_rambabu@yahoo.com
26.75 John J. Elyand & Susan L. Wilson A prospective study design for operationalizing stress and its role in diabetes johnely@nmsu.edu
27.76 V M Sarode Does Poverty Influence Reproductive Tract Infection among Women in Slums?vijaymsarode@yahoo.com
28.77 Sangram Panigrahi Impact of Women self-help group formation to promote health knowledge among weaker sections in Indiaspsangramjrf@gmail.com
29.78 Mahesh & GeethaK A P OF HIV/AIDS: A Compartive study of behavior change in female sex workers and truck drivers in the Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts of Tamilnadu   cheralathan.2009@gmail.com
30.80 Sanjay VermaFood, Science and Healthvermasanjay_gkp@rediffmail.com/a>
31.85 Dr. Bhola Nath Ghosh: Empowerment of tribal women: a study in Meghalayabholanathghosh@hotmail.com
32.89 Melinda Haydee , Cezara & Tania Disinfection agent influence on disinfection by-products formation and their impact on Human Health haydee_kovacs@yahoo.com
33.91 Mr.MunniappanCauses of Maternal Mortality in Near Miss Cases (A Pilot Study)muniappandemo@yahoo.co.in
34.94 Pulakesh Maiti Sampling From reference Population:pulakesh@isical.ac.in
35.97 V.Raji Sugumar Social Construct of Body Composition and Blood Profile of College Going Adolescent Girls in Puducherry rajis207@gmail.com
36.103 Khupmuanlal Zou Vulnerability of Youth to HIV/AIDS in Northeast India:An empirical study of the Mizorammuanz11@yahoo.co.in
37.104 Khirod Deori Reproductive Health ; a case study among the dibongiya deori of Upor- Deori Gaon Jorhat ,Assamkhiroddeori@yahoo.in
38.105 Harinam Singh Infant mortality and Health in Uttar pradesh singhharinam@gmail.com
39.106 A.Krishnamurthy Does the ratio of exposed to unexposed population increase more rapidly in Karnataka State?krishna_200872@yahoo.com
40.107 T. Vijayapushpam Influence of mass media advertisements on women in family food purchasing pushpaviji@yahoo.com
41.112 Ankush Agrawal Does Place of Birth Matter? Spatial Analysis of Infant and Under-five Mortality Rates in India ankush@iegindia.org
42.113 Eknath D. Tatte Health and Environment:A Study of De-forestation in Melghateknath_tatte@rediffmail.com
43.114 Ziyauddin Gender and caste based Exclusion: The case of Dalit Muslim Women of Varanasiziyasocio@gmail.com
44.117 Md. Zakir Hossain, Mahmud-Uz-Zaman and Md. Mahmud Hassan TalukdarHealth as a Public Service in Bangladesh: Assessing Access to Health Care by the Poorzakir_urp9913@yahoo.com
45a.118 A. G. Khan Social transformation of the scheduled caste women through self helf group in Hyderabad Karnataka area surendrak2006@rediffmail.com
45b.144. Dhere Amar M: Environmental and Occupational Impacts on the Health of Constructional Laborer in Pune City,prof.amardhere@gmail.com
_Date:12/2/2011:POSTER SESSION-2 from 2.30 PM to 6 PM:
46.121 Niharika Tripathi & T.V. Sekher Access and Quality of Health Care in Rural India: Problems and Perceptionsniharika.t2010@gmail.com
47.124 A K Mathur and Miss Sumita Mathur Situational analysis for prevention of HIV and AIDS among FSWs in Rajasthanakmathur@iihmr.org
48.128 Junmai Deori A cross-sectional study on growth and development of children among the Deoris of Arunachal pradeshkhiroddeori@yahoo.in
49.133 P.Rajkumar& S. Allah Baksh A Sociological study on health status of street children in Madurai cityeswar_rajkumar@yahoo.co.in
50.135 Sonal Mobar A Study of Determinants of Tuberculosis (TB) in a Cold Desert Area smobar@iitk.ac.in
51.136 K. Jothy & Ms.S.Kalaiselvi Urban-Rural differentials in the utilization of maternal and child health care services in Tamilnadu drjothy2005@yahoo.co.in
52.137 Ku. Savita Mahadev GhugeNutritional of habits among the Childrensavitaghuge18@rediffmail.com
53.140 S.Sampath Kumar Assessment of reproductive health status of women and their role in decision makingswakanish@gmail.com
54.158 B. Ratna Kumari & K. Mary SujathaDevelopment Induced Displacement:Psychological Trauma among Womenratna_cws@hotmail.com
55.164 .R.Mithiya & .K.Velumani Role of diet in reducing obesity among womenmithya83@yahoo.com
56.165 Purabi Jena & Savitri Nanda Physical Growth and Nutritional Status of Southern Angami Naga Children of Kohima District in Nagaland, Indiapuv_uk_realestate@yahoo.co.in  savitri.nanda@rediff.mail.com
57.171 M.G.K Srinivas National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) needs modification mgksrinivas@yahoo.co.in
58.174 A.G.Khan & Sateesh Gouda M Correlates of Brest feeding and Child Nutrition in Karnataka: An Investigation of NFHS-3 Data agkhan_umar@yahoo.co.in  sateeshgouda@gmail.com
59.181 Subarnalata and Sonia Majhi A study on diet and health problems of tribal adolescent girls of Sundargarh District, Western Orissasubarna_ls@rediffmail.com  cool_soniamajhi@rediffmail.com
60.183 Tapan Kumar Roy,Female Sterilization in Bangladesh: An Application of Survival Model to an Analysis of Contraceptive Sterilization roy.tapan@gmail.com
61.184 V.Kalaiselvi & S.Ahila Socio-Economic and climate changekalaiaueco@gmail.com
62.187 R.Gurumoorthy & S.Ahila Health Status of the Urban elderly – A Socio Economic study in Salem town--
63.194 Reetu Sharma Collective Health and Nutrition Program performance and its impact on Infant Mortalityreetu_gem1678@yahoo.com
64.196 P. Vijayalakshmi ans B. Nalini Mentally Retarded Children and Families – An Impact Study --
65.210 T.Pugalenthi and A.Subbiah Under standing WOMEN’S Reproductive Health needs- A Comparative study among the slum population in north and south indian citiesoviyaa1997@yahoo.co.in
66.213 Sweta Sonthalia & Subrata Dasgupta Parent-Child relationship and Obedience-Disobedience Tendency: A Comparative Study on Adolescent Boys and Girlsswetainbloom@yahoo.com
67.216 Sumita Mathur Trends, Cause and Effect of Obesity among Ever Married Women of Indiamathur_sumita@rediffmail.com
68.220 Vaishali , Vipra Talani & Vishal Kataria Evaluating the Health Care Indicators of India: Before and After Implementation of NRHMvaishali.iihmrdelhi@gmail.com
69.226 V.Vijayalakshmi, & G.Ramathirtham Social inclusion and enhancement in the quality of life of Women through SHGvictoryviji@gmail.com
70.231 Sunita Mishra, Gender perspectives on Women’s Health and Empowerment:A case example from low income community in Mumbaisunitasm1001@gmail.com
71.232 M. V. Vaithilingam & V. C. Shree Durga Devi:Household Characteristics, Health Facilities and Pregnancy Outcomes in Tamil Nadu: A District-wise Analysis of Levels, Differentials and Relationshipsvaidhya_iips@rediffmail.comdurga5apr@gmail.com
72.233 R. Abdoljabari Bonab, A. Kusha, R. Alizadeh Dizaji, M. Mohamadzadeh, S.Alizadeh, S.Rahimi:Kala-Azar (IVL) control management in Azarshahr focus in East-Azerbaijan, Iranr.abdoljabari@gmail.com
73.241 Satyajeet Nanda:Conceptualizing Individual and Institutional Framework of HIV AIDS Stigmansatyajeet@gmail.com  satyajeet.micore@micamail.in
74.243 Rajendra Singh,& Ravi Verma:Treatment of Vaginal Discharge Enhance Marital Sex and Prevent STI/HIV: A method (NIM) initiated by RISHTA in urban poor community in Mumbairsingh@icrw.org
75.244 Nitin Datta and Sayeed Unisa Chronic Diseases and Risk Factors: A Study among Government Employees in Urban Lucknow
_Date:13/2/2011:POSTER SESSION-3 from 9.00 A.M. to 11.30 A.M
76.247 Siva. M and C. Satheesh KumarEcological Child Rights and Sustainable Development: A Human Rights Perspectivemds.shiva@gmail.com
77.248 Anitha C.Rao & Rajendra .K:Structured Teaching Booklet about Cancer Cervix on the Knowledge and Attitude of Rural and Urban Womenanitha852002@yahoo.co.in
78.249 K Jaggarajamma, M Muniyandi:Environmental factors associated with tuberculosis : A review of the evidencejaggarajammak@yahoo.com
79.252 Satish Jadhav:Epidemiology of Malaria in Jalgaon District,Maharashtra, India (2004-2009)satishjadhavsndtjal@gmail.com
80.255 Anns Issac,Promotion of Institutional Delivery among Adivasis in Wayanad:An Exploration into their Experiencesannsissac@gmail.com
81.259 K.Maharajan & A.P.Senthil Kumar HRD AND HEALTH senthilapsk@gmail.com
82.263Moutusi Bagchi:Relative Risk for Mosquito-borne Diseases due to Flood in Assam: A Case study of Dibrugarh Districtmoutusibagchi@gmail.com
83.270 Taher Sayed Religiosity, Empowerment and Emotional Health Among Muslim Women in Urban Poor Indiatkasim@icrw.org
84.276 S. Anuradha and V. Raji SukumarDiet and exercise intervention on Bio-Chemical Parameters of Obese Adolescent college girls in Erode Taluk---
85.277 Aishvarya Upadhyay:Mental health and academic underachievement in children with seizure disorderparithemagic@gmail.com
86.280 Laya, K.S: Mortality Transition in Keralalayarajesh@rediffmail.com
87.285 K.B. Chandrika:Health Status of Women Labourers: A study in areca nut wakarichandrikakb@rediffmail.com
88.286 Shylaja L: Reproductive Health Problems and Treatment – seeking behaviour among Women in India: State wise analysis based on RCH -III (2007-08) Datashylajajothi@yahoo.co.in
89.289 Sheel Sharma Probiotic-Prebiotic Nutrition: An Environmental Bounty for Human Healthsheelsh56@yahoo.com
90.296 Amruta Bavadekar & Prakash Mishra :Addressing Gender Norms and Poverty as Key Factors for Higher Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Urban Poor Womenamruta.bavadekar@gmail.com
91.299 N.Sasikumar & P.Mohanachandran Nair:Socio-economic and health conditions of elderly population in Keralasasikottoor@gmail.com
92.300 Tushar Purohit:Migration: main problem for sustainable Urban Developmentdrtusharpurohit@gmail.com
93.301 Anil Kumar Gupta: A study of the environmental factors associated with human health: a review analysisanil.jnu.1@gmail.com
94.309 A Vengatesan , T S Selvavinayagm & P.Ramachandran Morbidity pattern and Nutritional status of school children in urban Tamilnadu, India.--
95.316 Anuradha Mondal:Components of Public Health Infrastructure in Rural India: A Performance Based Analysisanu_mndl9@yahoo.co.in
96.319 B.K.Gulati, Arvind Pandey & Damodar SahuTo examine the socio-economic determinants affecting the occurrence of obstetric fistula in selected states of India gulbk@hotmail.com
97.322 Kamrul Hasan:Tanning Industries and Health Problems: A Special Reference to the Kanpur Area. mekamrul85@rediffmail.com
98.324 B. Suguna Reddy & V. Hari Prasad Reddy: Impact of Gender Bias on Health and Nutrition of Tribal Women ravindrakumar.vk@gmail.com
99.326 Prahlad Kumar and S.K Singh: Does male participation in maternal health can ensure achieving MGDs in INdia? Evidences from National Family health Surveyprahladkumar26@gmail.com
100.328 T. Bir & A.M. Elizabeth:Competence development of first level RH service provider (ANM) for the enhancement of the RCH services in the two Districts of Madhya Pradesh:- A case Study of JICA-RH project amsheeba@yahoo.com
101.329 Ranvir Singh:Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Health and Developmentanvir.jnu@gmail.com
102.330 M. Hemanta & Renu Sahrawat Status of Post Partum Services in Uttar Pradesh mhmeitei@gmail.com

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